BREAKDOWN – Looking at Jazz games 11-20

This year I have said we need to look at the Jazz in 10 game and 20 game windows to be able to evaluate the progress of the franchise.   It will probably be better to look at the window 11-20 and compare it to 41-50 and compare that to 71-80 then it will be to look at 1-10 and 11-20 but that is all we have right now Here is the Jazz play over the last 10 games on the offensive end.

jazz games 11-20


TS= True Shooting %   EFG% = Effective field Goal  Cringe= use of possession compared to league average

LHM – Larry H Miller’s player value

Locke:  My offensive rating valuing ability to get shot and efficiency

Activity – is a former head coach in the NBA’s system to evaluate talent

The red area is % of possession used for these items

The purple is scoring opportunities per 40 minutes, pts per Scoring Opportunity (FGA and trips to line) pts per possession, pts per FGA and possession used per game


* Big time jump by Derrick Favors on the offensive end.  To be a 25 Locke offensive rating is a high level starter in the NBA.   This is a big jump.  14% of his possession being free throws is good.

* Jermey Evans another solid number this time with real playing time.

* This was a super tough stretch for Gordon Hayward.  League wide his -12.4 is one of the worst offensive players in this period

* Very few  players using possessions above the league average

*  As excited as we all are about Trey Burke only 3.4% of his possession going to the free throw is something that must improve.

*  Gordon has not only not made shots but dropped in the amount of three’s he takes and the amount of trip to the line he takes.  That is heading the wrong direction.

*  Love Marvin using 42% of his possession to shoot a three.

*  Over last 10 games Mavin WIlliams is the Jazz leading scorer at 14 points a game.

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