EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz battle the 17-2 Pacers each step of the way


  •  A good night for the Jazz.  They played toe to toe with the Pacers and other than foul trouble and a late 2nd quarter lapse had the game in control.  Those two moments are what great teams take away from you and use to win games and that is why the Pacers are 17-2.
  • This Jazz team is completely different with Trey Burke at the helm.  They burst out to a 10-2 run.  Lead it by 6 at the end of the 1st quarter and held that led until a 16-6 run in the 2nd quarter by the Pacers
  • Richard Jefferson looked off tonight.  When he checked back in the second quarter things came unraveled.
  • The Jazz lead the game 62-61 when Derrick Favors picked up his 4th foul and that threw the natural rotations of the game into to disarray.  Kanter had just checked out of the game and he had to re-enter the game immediately.  In turn by the end of the 3rd quarter Kanter had played 33 minutes.   Kanter finished with 40 minutes.
  • Both Kanter and Favors both played great to start with 6 first quarter rebounds and both finished the night with games of 20 and 10.  Favors had 22 points and 13 rebounds.  Kanter ended with 20 and 10 rebounds.
  • Favors had a very good offensive game today.  He got his 22 of making plays on the offensive end against the leagues best rim protector.
  • Ron Boone made a strong point on the pre-game that this was a good match-up for Kanter.  The Pacers bigs aren’t spacing out the floor and Kanter plays well when his assignment is right in front of him.   He can be physical and play his game rather than having to run all over the floor and make the correct rotations that have been hard for him this year.
  • Trey Burke was good again tonight.  I thought this would be a very difficult match up for him with the size and length of the Pacers and he was solid.  Only 1 turnover in 39 minutes of play.  He had 13 points on 5 of 12 shooting with 2 three balls and 9 assists.  He is really good.   He has a special mind to him and he looks like he belongs.
  • Lineup of Trey, Alec, Gordon, Favors and Kanter played together tonight for 9 minutes and outscored the Pacers 24-19.   Offensive rating of 141 and a defensive rating of 106.  They had only played 1 minute together prior to tonight.
  • Jazz did a great job on Paul George he was very normal tonight.  His numbers mostly came off defensive plays and he was not impressive at all in the half court.
  • Gordon Hayward missed two open look three’s in the 4th quarter that were big.  Not going to make all of them but one of those two would have been a big shot.  Hayward finished 3 for 14 and 2 of 7 from three.   He added 6 assists.
  • Jazz backcourt had 15 assists and big men combined for 23 rebounds.
  • Pacers starters played 24 minutes together and were +6.  Vogel plays his starters together more than any coach in the NBA other than maybe Terry Stotts.
  • Pacers won’t give you a corner 3 and the Jazz didn’t get one tonight.
  • Offensively Jazz offensive rating was 101.9 and the Pacers allow 90.  The Pacers only allow their opponents 50% of their shots in the restricted area and from three the Jazz took 28 shots in the restricted area and 11 threes for 39 of their 80 shots.  Right on the numbers.
  • Roy Hibbert is a factor – Jazz shot 46% in the restricted area.
  • Jazz are a totally different team with Trey Burke.  Even missing Marvin tonight the Jazz played with the league best at a very high level.  Progress is being made every game.