EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Road win for Jazz in Phoenix


  • Gerald Green hits back to back three point shots on defensive breakdowns and the game was tied at 86 with 7:00 to play.   Tyrone Corbin called timeout.  He subbed out Kanter and Evans and subbed in Marvin Williams and Derrick Favors.  For the first time ever the Jazz went to  a defense where they switched everything .  It changed the game.  The Suns got dislodged from what they wanted to run.  The pick and roll was no longer an option other than to create mismatches that didn’t turn out to be mismatches.  The key to this defense is Marvin and Favors can make the switch or moreover that the Jazz have instituted  a system that keeps Favors closer to the rim.    Dragic who was killing the Jazz didn’t score for the next 6:30 off the game.
  • Offensively, the Jazz have been much better since playing the smaller line-up with Marvin Williams and Jeremy Evans as the power forwards.   The 4th quarter tonight the Jazz shot 65% hit 4 of 5 from three and nailed 8 of 10 from the line.   That is an offensive efficiency 145.   The Jazz were strong offensively all night.   They were 125 in the 1st quarter, 106 in the 2nd, 134 in the 3rd and 145 in the 4th.  By far the best offensive performance of the season.
  • Down the stretch on the road this team held it together.  Having a point guard helps.
  • The coaching staff made nice adjustments to what they saw the night before and found a way to  exploit where the Suns had weaknesses.  Defensively in the first quarter the rotations were great.  They were much quicker, they pre rotated much better than the night before.
  • Trey Burke is not scared.  Wow.  The dude comes off the bench and pulls on a 3 to make it a 6 point game with 3:40 left, then clinches it with 1:13 left on another 3.   Burke lead the Jazz with 20 and took 4 free throw attempts.  He is not getting to the line at all on his drives right now and he needs to add that.
  • Burke was a thief in college and he is the NBA as well.  He cut off two fast breaks tonight in the open court with roundball robbery.
  • The Jazz are 2-2 with Trey and Marvin in the starting line-up.   Jeremy Evans has been a big part of the Jazz last few games and he did it again tonight with a 12 point 3 rebound performance.  He hit a nice baseline jumper and a tough look outside jumper where he elevated over the defense.  He needs to add the three point shot at some point.  It might be hard since he is such  a jumper.
  • ALEC BURKS!!!!!! He just played tonight.  He had fun.  He had a bounce.  He was terrific.  He drove to the basket.  He nailed an outside shot or two.  That is the game he can play. That is what is so maddening when it doesn’t appear.   Ty let him role tonight as well he played two 16 minute stretches and finished with 32 minutes, 13 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists.  One of the assists was an awesome out of the timeout set play bounce pass to JE.
  • The Suns only had 13 fast break points tonight and shot just 5 of 11 on fast break chances.   The Jazz did a far better job getting back in transition.
  • Diante Garrett’s length was a factor tonight.  He gets in passing lanes and is able to defend. Length matters
  • This was a really nice night for the team and the coaching staff.  For the Jazz to be as poor defensively as they were on Friday and then play this well on Saturday let’s the players know if  they do it right it can work.  Also the coaching staff did a lot of things that will gain confidence from the players. It is a two way street.  Letting Alec roll when he was playing well, going to the switching defense, the offensive tweeks all go a long way in moving this group forward.