EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall in Dallas


  •  Jazz have got to find a way to play better defense and not be down 20.   As impressive as the fight back was in the 2nd half and the improvement of the offense it is all clouded by being back 20 and having the other team disengage from the game.
  • Marvin Williams has been super this year.   He told me at the start of the year the achillies bothered him most of the year last year but on a new team he didn’t want to miss time.  He looks like a different player this year.  He adds a tremendous amount to this team and his leadership has been terrific.
  • If you look at the Jazz line-up numbers the only line-ups that are working offensively include Marvin at 4 and the Jazz using Marvin as a 4.   Garrett seems vital as well .  The Favors/Kanter combo that couldn’t score last year can’t score again this year.  Last year, it was predominately against 2nd tier talent and this year it is against starters
  • Hayward was a shadow of his usual self to open the game off his 1 for 17 night and was 0 for 2 in the first half.  Only 2 shots in the 1st half and had been taking 16 shots a game.  Finally, he got an open look from his sweat spot the right wing three and he buried it.  From that point on he returned to being Gordon.  I wonder if he is going to change his game and not force this offensively like he has been.  The team needs him to score but going 1 for 17 isn’t going to do anyone any good.
  • Interesting move by Dallas in the first half they matched Dalembert on Favors and Dirk on Kanter.  This means they were more worried about the offensive game of Favors than Kanter as the Mavericks want to hide Dirk on the defensive end.  Kanter went 0 for the first half and never was able to take it to Dirk.
  • Kanter in 4 of his last 5 games has taken 1 or fewer free throws.  Kanter is also just 23 of his last 55 from the field.
  • The Jazz are really struggling to score when Kanter and Favors are on the floor together.
  • Very early for this but Jazz offensive rating based on Point Guard on the floor – Garrett 110.1; Burke 101 and Lucas 88.2.   Lots of this is impacted by who you are playing with
  • Jazz started the second half with Trey Burke, Gordon, Jefferson, Marvin Williams and Favors.  Might be time to go with that to create some offense.  Hard for Marvin to guard a lot of the 4’s night in and night out.   Marvin v. Ibaka and Boozer the next two nights but that becomes Blake and Gasol at some point.
  • Derrick Favors has been solid and consistent.
  • Alec Burks made some shots tonight.
  • Off to OKC where it is not getting an easier .