EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz need some positive moments


  •  Game was 26-24 and then bang, smash and splash the Warriors hit three straight threes and the onslaught was on and it didn’t stop till the horn sounded for halftime.  The Warriors averaged 1.7 pts per possession in the 2nd quarter.  Insane efficiency.  The Jazz were on the ropes and they couldn’t call the fight.  They just kept blasting them and the Jazz are not capable of stopping runs on the offensive end.  Therefore, they have to stop them on the defensive end.
  • One thing I have preached all year is you can’t judge guys on individual games you have to look at stretches and look for improvement when comparing one stretch to the next.   With that said Burks and Kanter are leaving themselves huge room for improvement in their next stretches.
  • Interesting how much farther along Hayward and Favors are then Kanter and Burks.  The amount of mental errors by Kanter and Burks are stunning.  Hopefully, this is a case of lack of playing time in the previous two years or in the case of Kanter a case of his lack of playing over the years but they are miles behind the previous year draft class and Klay Thompson who played a ton in his first two years.   As  the minutes increase hopefully they will improve in these areas.
  • The Jazz did some things very well.  They ripped apart the zone defense on the exact sets they worked on in shootaround.  They handled the post up to Klay Thompson  with doubles when he was guarded by Lucas and off the dribble on other players.
  • However, the minute things went wrong the Jazz just didn’t have whatever was needed to stop the bleeding.
  • The Alec Burks point guard experiment may be over.  He went 0 for 5 and is now 11 for his last 36 .  Moreover in the last two game Tyrone has pulled him forced to go back to Lucas and Garrett at the point, two players he clearly was hoping to only use in limited roles.
  • Jazz won 51-39 in the second half.
  • Marvin Williams performance the last few nights has been really encouraging.  He has been a spark, played hard, been a solid leader and been someone the Jazz can rely on as the season goes on.
  • These guys need some good moments and I don’t know when those are possible with this schedule when it can happen.  The next 4 are going to be super tough.   Maybe a spark can come from the man they call Trey soon.