EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Shooters who can shot


  •  The Warriors are terrific to watch.  Mark Jackson is doing a hell of a job with this team.  They run a ton of different stuff on offense and they seem to run 1 thing over and over and then when that is dry they move to the next things.  Defensively they change what they do throughout the game.  It is impressive
  • .   I am not sure the league has ever seen a better shooting backcourt  than Curry and Thompson.  They get it off so fast.  They needed the smallest of shooting pockets.   It allows them to build do much of the rest of their offense.   When they went post to Lee there is no way you can afford to leave any of the shooters and Lee is good enough to score in the post.  When Curry is playing high pick and roll you have to watch Bogut but you can’t leave Thompson.  Even more deadly is when they run the pick with Iggy and have Curry and Thompson spaced you are dead.
  • Favors continues his offensive development.  He hit some outside shots.  He went quickly and explosively to the rim on numerous plays.   He has made a noticeable stride since two weeks ago with the time on the floor.   He is also playing without foul trouble much more than he did beforehand.   He finished 8 of 12 and is now nearing 50% for the season.
  • Marvin Williams looked the best he has all year on the floor tonight.  In Toronto he played the back end of a back to back and said he felt really tight and pretty miserable.   Tonight on the back end of a back to back he moved well, was active and strung together a nice night
  • Point guard play tonight was not good.  A night after being very control and strong as the point guard Burks regressed and it showed when the offense went from the 9:26 mark of the 1st quarter to the 3:23 mark without a field goal.   In that span the Jazz went  0 for 8 with 4 turnovers.   The point guard dance continues as Burks was benched for the second half.   We miss you Trey and we don’t even know you.
  • The third quarter was one of the better offensive quarters of the year.   The Jazz hit on 11 of 17 and 5 of 6 from three.   Impressive that Richard Jefferson and Gordon Hayward who were both goose eggs in the first half were able to come back out and get it going in the third.  Both had 10 points in the 3rd quarter.
  • Talked with a scout before the game who thought that Burks better learn how to be a point guard because he is not an nba shooting guard.  Was a perspective that made me pause and think for a moment?  He might have a point.   Give me some time to digest this and think about if this is true.
  • The Warriors bench is limited.  They play O’Neal, who got hurt and Green but they are limited and otherwise they are playing just 6 guys.   It might be enough.  Those six guys are versatile enough to do damage
  • Hayward started 0 for 5 so he was 5 of his last 28 at one point before a strong second half.
  • Warriors are in town Monday and a ton of fun to watch.   Hope to see you at the Arena