•  Got one !!!!!
  • Thank goodness I am not sure where the next one was coming from.  The pressure build up was becoming immense and the schedule was brutal.  We were terrifyingly close to becoming the lead story in the NBA and rivaling the Nets for most losses to start the season.   The schedule does not have many breaks on it so great to get one tonight.
  • Huge plays all night long from a ton of different players.   The offense in the 4th quarter was terrific.  The Jazz went small with Marvin Williams at the 4 and the offense clicked in.  Marvin played 16 minutes of the second half and the Jazz shot 62% in the second half.   In the 4th quarter the Jazz shot 12 of 17 and hit 4 of 6 from the three point line while nailing 10 of 12 free throws.
  • At the same time having Marvin rotating and covering on the pick and roll made a huge difference.  With 6 minutes left Corbin replaced Kanter with Favors and Favors played great defensive down the stretch and the Jazz playing small were able to clear the boards
  • Richard Jefferson was awesome !!!! In the third quarter the Jazz were down 16 and Jefferson lite a fire under the Jazz and sent the message that they were going to battle this one to the end.   Jefferson played an amazing third quarter, hitting shots, driving to the basket. Making plays.   He was 1 for his last 18 from three and he hit big ones all 2nd half.
  • A play that will never be talked about other than I am talking about it was with the Jazz up 5 Davis got a lay-up with :14 seconds left and Jefferson sprinted to inbound the ball before the Pelicans got set and got the ball into Hayward who hit the two free throws to win the game – this was the essence of a veteran play.
  • Marvin Williams 4th quarter 3 for 3 from the field – 2 for 2 from three and 4 rebounds.  More importantly Holiday had only 5 points and Gordon had only a three as Marvin’s defense on the pick and roll was very good.
  • How about Diante Garrett?  A point guard is nice isn’t it.  Jazz released Jamaal Tinsley yesterday, Garrett flew into SLC today, he watched shoot-around and then got a tutorial on what the Jazz run.  Immediately in the 2nd quarter he had an impact with his length and seeing the game as a point guard.   Then he closed the game in the 4th quarter playing all 12 minutes of the 4th and had 3 assists.
  • Tyrone Corbin started Alec Burks in the 2nd half after John Lucas had a tough 1st half.
  • Gordon Hayward notched a huge night – 22 points in the 2nd half with 3 rebounds and 5 assists on 5 of 7 shooting in the 2nd half – IN THE SECOND HALF.  He finished with a career high 10 assists.  His last 6 games he is averaging 23 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and shooting 52% .  He also has 20 turnovers and he is only shooting 32% from three.  So he can get better but that is pretty sick.
  • 9 defensive rebounds for Kanter !!!!!!
  • Anthony Davis is really good.
  • Jazz win Jazz win Jazz win