BREAKDOWN – The Jazz 33 corner three’s why aren’t they going in

The Jazz are a stunning 3 of 33 on corner 3’s so far this year.   What is most discouraging about the performance is the coaching staff altered the offense this year to try to add and promote corner 3 play.

How can a team be 3 of 33 when the rest of the league is hitting 38% of all corner three’s? I wondered are the Jazz not hitting the corner 3 because  they are coming from the wrong angle? Is the offense constructed incorrectly, are they forced or are they just missing open looks?

Today I watched all the corner three’s the Jazz have taken this year. (32 of the 33 were available)  I charted each to what side of the floor, how we got the look, if it was wide open, open or contested and how was the execution.

The good news is the Jazz are just missing good looks.  The shots broke down as follows:

How they came about:  25 in half court, 4 in transition, 2 on offensive rebounding kick outs and 1 on a backcourt turnover.  All the makes are in half court

Type of look:  12 wide open looks, 11 open looks, 9 contested

Execution – On the 25 half court sets I marked 11 of the plays as perfect execution. On those 11 they Jazz were  just 3 of 11.  Others were high pick and roll one pass to the wing for a shot and I thought that was a bit early and too easy even if the look was open. On those plays the Jazz were 0 for 7.

Conclusion:  It is the band that can’t shoot straight.  This can be taken as a positive because at least the execution is good and when the Jazz relax, stop pressing and have better shooters on the floor these plays will turn into points and open up a lot of the other offensive opportunities.  Without these shots falling it is hard for the Jazz to open up the lane for drivers, pick and roll to the roll man along with numerous other offensive chances.

corner 3