INSIDER – Are the Jazz taking good analytical shots

During training camp this season the Jazz coaching staff tried to make adaptations to the offensive system in order to take more efficient shots.   The analytical influence on the NBA is going strong and more teams are trying to avoid the mid range 2 point shot in exchange for a 3 pointer or a shot at the rim.    More specifically, teams are configuring offenses to create corner 3 opportunities.

Last year the league shot 59% in the restricted area or 1.19 points per shot.  In the paint non restricted area teams shot 39%  and mid range shots were also 39% or .78 pts per shot.  The corner 3 was hit at 39% last year or 1.17 points per shot and 3 pointers above the break were hit at 35% or 1.05 pts per shot.

Therefore, shots in restricted area or 3 points are thought of as good analytical shots. Last year, Houston lead the NBA taking 75% of their shots as good shots.   The Washington Wizards were the lowest at 50.5%.

The Jazz last year took 53.9% of their shots as good analytical shots (33.4% at the rim + 4.7% corner 3’s + 15.7% 3’s above the break).

This year the Jazz are hoping to take more good shots.  However, as you are well aware nothing is going in right now for the Jazz.   The Jazz are just 3 of 33 from corner 3 no other team has made fewer than 7.

However, despite the putrid shooting the Jazz are taking better shots.  This season the Jazz are taking 55.7% of their shots as good analytical shots (up 1.8% from last year).   The Jazz are taking 33.7% at the rim, 5% of shots from the corner 3 and 17% above the break)

This is surprising.  With the Jazz inability to spread the floor because they aren’t making shots I would have suspected they were being forced into more poor shots and that is not the case.

Last year the Jazz were 22nd in the NBA in % of shots that were good analytical shots this year they are 20th.   The Jazz still need to make a move into the top half of the NBA in taking good shots.  I would suspect that will happen as Burke, Williams and Rush are integrated.

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