EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz offense fades late v. Denver


  • The final score certainly doesn’t tell the story tonight the Jazz lead this game with 10:00 left 73-72 but then it all feel apart.  On the offensive end the Jazz shot 4 of 18 in the 4th quarter and didn’t hit a three point shot.  The offensive rating for the 4th quarter was 67.4.
  • Jazz first quarter was terrific.  They got out and ran, they got stops defensively, they defensive rebounded.  The offensive rating was 109.9 well above the league average.  This is about as well as the Jazz can play.  However, from that point on the Jazz never got rolling again.   The offense disappeared, the next three quarters the rating was 87,97 and then the killer 67.
  • Gordon Hayward scored 12 points in the first quarter but the Nuggets started double teaming Hayward off every pick roll.  Hayward showed some signs of understanding how to deal with this late in the game as he rolled out to the logo to pull the defender with him forcing a switch to create the mismatch down low.  These are the things he is going to have learn as teams take him away.  In addition, he showed tonight how to go fast at times to beat the double team.
  • Derrick Favors hit 4 jump shots tonight.  He didn’t have 4 for the season coming in.  Two of them were baseline jumpers over the defender.  Nice looks.  Favors had his strongest game of the year.  He grabbed the defensive glass and he was a force in the lane.  He was the best player on the floor tonight for much of the game.
  • Tyrone is trying lots of different looks.  In the first half he went with Marvin as the stretch 4 and he nailed two three’s but when Favors got in foul trouble Kanter was unable to grab enough of the defensive glass to make the line-up work. Then in the 2nd half he went to Gobert to try to cover the rebounding inadequacies of the team.
  • Kanter must become a better defensive rebounder.   MUST.  He had 2 tonight in 32 minutes.  At one point Corbin had to take him out to bring in Gobert to rebound.   Gobert playing the 4th quarter of a close game was a crazy idea during the draft process but credit to Rudy for working as hard as he has.
  • Jazz need a much better Alec Burks.   2 for 9 tonight.  Burks is shooting 39% and 22 % from three point range.  He has 19 turnovers and 19 assists   The crazy thing is how long it takes him to get into the game.   Every night he seems to be 8 minutes in with an 0 for 3 start and then he gets going.  He simply has to come ready to play or find a way to be more effective early.  The door is open for Alec and he is a very important part of this team.  He has been given a scoring play making roll and out of Colorado I really believed he was good enough to play this role.  Hopefully, he can get it going.
  • Offense is going to be a struggle all year.   At times tonight they looked much better but lots of open shots are being missed.   Lots of plays with really good execution and then no dividends.  The defense was great in the 1st and then slipped as the night went on.  The defensive rating needs to be below 103 and the quarter by quarter was 88,116,106,133.  It is hard to be good defensively when your offense is struggling.
  • Pelicans play Tuesday night in LA maybe we can get #1 on Wednesday