EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Looking at an 0-4 road trip


  • This road trip has been a bit stunning for everyone in Jazz Nation.  We were told and we knew this would be a process but this feels like a bit more than any of us realized.  Yet, when you start to dig down a little it starts to make a bit more sense.  Does it make it any easier?  That is up for you to decide but I will try to make it all a bit more understandable.
  • How many of these guys have ever played back to back games being asked to play 30 to 40 minutes a night?   Same answer for how many of them have been asked to play 30 to 40 minutes on the 4th game in nights?  Thus, it is not that surprising that the two outings that were most surprising were in Boston and in Toronto.
  • The guys and Tyrone know the performance tonight was good enough and the lack of defensive presence is not acceptable.    These guys have to learn where to summon that energy from and how to play when they are tired and aren’t feeling their best.   This is why being a stud in this league is amazingly difficult and these guys are showing how much they still have to learn
  • I was impressed with Gordon Hayward leadership tonight.   Gordon is learning leadership.  Tonight I saw him go out of the way numerous times to guys who had just made mistakes to try to prop them back up.   This is how you lead.  It is better to be by example and supportive.  Gordon has played hard every night so far and he has the numbers to back it up.   He is gaining respect and now he is showing that he supports his guys.  At some point he can be harsh and push them forward right now he is being supportive
  • The not winning is wearing on this group.   It is 14 straight if you count the pre-season while it doesn’t it still has been a really long time since they have taken the floor and left with a good feeling.  It is not fun to come to the arena right now.  These guys are not feeling good about themselves and that has an impact.  Once they get one it will be different.  They won’t suddenly be a super team but there will be a freedom to their play that doesn’t exist right now.
  • This is the season of discovery and we starting to learn some things.  Kanter is not doing a good job as a defensive rebounder.  The lack of defensive rebounding is really hurting this team on both ends of the floor.
  • Derrick Favors offensive skills are still not complete.  The Jazz want him to be a rebounder and a defensive player but as the team struggles offensively you can see him trying to pick up the slack.  This may not be the best for him.   His self-worth as a player needs to be based on defensive and rebounding performance .  This was a not a good road trip for his offense we need to appreciate him for what he does well and let the other stuff come.
  • This team is not going to do much when the shooting % of the non 4 youngsters are 34%, 34%, 43%, 27%, 13%, 21% and 13%.  Those are the options beyond the young 4.   Not much help for these guys.   But this year is for Hayward, Favors, Kanter and Burks and Trey once he plays and for them to learn the difficulty of this league.   This week they learn how hard it easy.  Hopefully, next time they go through this they understand it better and perform better.
  • Jazz Notes tonight from Thurl for Richard Jefferson for being a pro and an example and I gave one to Gordon Hayward for his consistent effort and his development of his leadership,
  • See you Monday at Energy Solutions