EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Before we cross the border


  • Need to make this quick because I need to get it off before we land in Canada
  • Rudy Gobert got our only Jazz note.  He battled and plays fearlessly.  When I saw him after the game the first thing he said was free throws.  He knows where he needs to improve and he is getting better at a really high rate.  The kid works hard.  He didn’t have very good coaching in France and he is improving.  His mentality is his best attribute.  If he isn’t scared it helps a great deal.
  • Really nice to see Marvin back on the floor tonight.  I liked the lineups Tyrone rolled out with Marvin tonight.  He played Marvin at the 4 and stretched the floor.  Gibson went at Marvin but this was his first game back and it brings a level of versatility to the roster we haven’t had prior and I like that Tyrone used Marvin at the 4.
  • This team can’t shoot right now.  They just can’t put the ball in the hole.  I hope this changes but there is a real chance this group is going to be a bottom 5 field goal percentage team and that puts a huge burden on the defense.
  • We are taking too many long 2 point shots.
  • Can we combine Gordon and Alec.  Gordon comes out like a ball of fire in the first quarter, he is averaging 8 points per 1st quarter, Alec looks like he needs  about 8 minutes before he gets into the flow of the game or gets a rhythm to his game.
  • Jazz can’t commit fatal turnovers.  Turnovers above free throw line extended.
  • Defense forced a ton of turnovers in the first half and they just couldn’t covert any of them into points.
  • Ron Boone talks about running to score we need to do more of that to get some easy looks.  It is hard to score in the half court.  Yes, I know our fast break offensive numbers are terrible but they are more likely to improve.
  • Point guard is a real issue, Jamaal doesn’t have his legs. Lucas not hitting shots and is an energy back up and Trey had a meeting Monday but has to be still weeks away.  Chance Trey makes a major impact because he has to improve off of 22 of 72 shooting from our points right now.
  • See you Toronto