EMPTYING THE NOGGIN — Buzzsaw off all-stars


  • The Nets look really good.  Hate to play a good team coming off a 20 point debacle and the Nets were ready to roll.  The Nets got up 12-2 and the Jazz trailed by 10 at the end of 1 and the Jazz got it to within 6 but never could get any momentum.   The Nets just methodically took the game from the Jazz, it wasn’t a 10-0 run or anything it was 20-7 and the sort.


  • The Jazz only scored back to back basket once in the first three quarters.   That run was 4-0 all free throws.  At no other time in the first three quarters did the Nets not answer a Jazz score.


  • When you drive into the Barcleys center the wall outside has these huge figures of Deron Williams, Paul Pierce,  Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez.  They are all all-stars, 2 are NBA champions and it is daunting as you drive in.   It seemed as though the Jazz were a bit overwhelmed by the stature of their opponents.


  • Kanter got overwhelmed by Lopez early.  Lopez dominated the game in the post.  He got deep post position and Kanter seemed very small.   Lopez made 5 of 6 shots in the first quarter had 11 points and the Nets were rolling.


  • Points in the paint in the first quarter was 18-6 and the 2nd quarter by halftime it was 26-10.  Noteable was the Jazz were 2 of 8 shooting in the paint in the 2nd quarter to get their 4 points and the Nets got 8 pts on 5 attempts in the 2nd quarter.  The first quarter the Nets got 13 attempts in the paint and the Jazz got just 4.


  • The ball stopped moving again.  When the ball goes strong side to weak side the offense is much better but in the 2nd quarter it stopped and the Jazz had just 3 assists in the quarter and shot just 6 of 21


  • Gordon Hayward is continuing to develop as the primary scorer.  Tonight only once did he get caught on a really low percentage shot.  He missed a few shots that were good ideas and things he is trying to develop.  He finished 8 of 16 with 22 pts, 5 rebounds and 4 assists.


  • Jazz aren’t good shooters – 4 of 18 from three and are shooting 24% from three.


  • Not a single player beyond the young 4 are playing well right now and contributing offensively.  This means that if one of the 4 young guys doesn’t play well it is going to be hard to win and if two don’t play well it is going to get to be a decent margin.  This is a difficult standard for guys who have never been through this before and never had the experience of how to play with this type of burden.  There are going to be some worn out nights for the youngsters.


  • Trey Burke will help  when he returns considering John and Jamaal are shooting 16-54 and 5-32 from three.   However, he still needs to be allowed to be 20 and make mistakes a miss a ton of shots.