INSIDER – Shootaround Notes

Here are some quick notes from shootaround

* Jazz will start Lucas (3rd start of his career), Hayward (103rd) , Jefferson (695th), Favors  (45th career start) and Kanter (3rd start)

* Jazz will only have Rudy Gobert and Mike Harris as the backups in the front court

* Look for Thunder to go small for 8 to 12 minutes tonight with Durant at the 4.  Will be a key stretch for the Jazz to match- up and deal with a spread floor.  Who guards Durant in this line-up.  Ideally, Marvin Williams but he is not available.

* Scott Brooks had interesting comments about how Hayward and Favors are now the focus of their discussion in shoot around.  “they will go through an adjustment period but they got a bright future they have are talented and they play hard.  You can never discount hard play, Hayward just goes and attacks on both end of the floor he doesn’t give up an inch.  Those are the type of players you want to build your team around.  As the year goes for them they will get better because they work too hard.”    Brooks does think both Favors and Kanter are going to very good.

* Durant says he plays the game because of the kids in the arena that are wearing his jersey and seeing him play for the first time.   Durant is a wonderful ambassador of the game.  He seems to have it all put together.

* I asked Durant about his early years and he said he wanted to prove he belonged but at some point losing 120 games in two years was more than anyone can handle.

*  Reggie Jackson who is filling in for Russell Westbrook is making his first career regular season start.