EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – The pre-season is over


  • The pre-season is over
  • Tonight’s story was the second straight high quality performance by Rudy Gobert.  Rudy’s growth from French league to Chicago Pre-Draft to Jazz workout to this training camp is remarkable.   He impacts everything.  I was walking out with Steve Blake tonight (yes he was still on fire) and he asked how long is that guy.   When I told him 9’7 he just stopped.  Rudy impacts everything.  Two things I was really impressed with tonight were his ability to catch the ball in traffic off the bounce and the fearlessness he played with.   Talking to Coach Corbin after the game he mentioned that in practice they threw so much at Rudy that he was always thinking and when he has played in the game he plays without that same hesitation they saw in practice.  He was really impressive and when he dunks no one is getting in the way.
  • The ball movement tonight was great.  Most offensive possessions swung the ball from one side to the other and on a lot of occasions they brought it back to the strong side again.  The Jazz have to have this type of ball movement this year because they don’t have one on one players.   It will be interesting when they play a good defensive team (lakers aren’t) if they are able to still get this type of ball movement.   It was impressive tonight.  They opened the night with 6 assists on the first 6 field goals and assists by 5 different players.
  • The two players the Jazz needed to have good nights, Alec Burks and Enes Kanter, had good nights.   Burks hit one outside shot and played toward the rim tonight.  Kanter battled both Gasol and cover the stretch 4 Williams well tonight.   Offensively he made a few shots and even took a corner 3 which is the correct  shot.
  • Gordon Hayward got crazy hot in the 2nd quarter and even took a heat check shot.  He hit back to back bombs and then made a few more plays scoring 10 points in the 2nd quarter.
  • Jazz defense was not as good tonight.  The first half was so paced with a  lot of scoring and the third quarter they let the lakers run all over them.  The Lakers scored above the league average in all but the 4th quarter.
  • Jazz offense was good tonight other than the 3rd quarter.   An offensive rating of 111.8 was one of the best for the pre-season.   The defensive rating of 116.5 was probably the worst.
  • Defensive rebounding continues to be a strength


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