EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz look much improved in LA


  • Strong performance from the Jazz tonight.   No surprise this team didn’t execute well down the stretch no one on the floor had ever been in that position before and that was obvious.
  • The defense was good all night and continues to get better.   Guys are making the rotations.  The defense on the ball is much better. Lucas is really small but he battles.   Favors, Kanter and Gobert are manning the middle of the lane.
  • Favors showed more of an offensive game then he ever has.  He hit some of his outside jumpers and had terrific post moves.  Once again he was all over the boards.  Favors is going to finish with Dwight Howard and Kevin Love as an elite rebounder in the nba.
  • Rugy Gobert was terrific tonight.  His growth is exceptional.  His length had a huge impact on the game, blocking 5 shots.   He was able to rebound because the Cippers weren’t putting any bodies on him.  He struggles with his balance when he is getting jostled and that will be the next step in his development.   Gobert tonight was playing the big boys and held himself well.  He got winded very quickly.  I am not sure if he becomes the third big in the rotation but I don’t know who eles does right now with Marvin and Evans hurt.
  • The point guard play again is a really Achilles heel.
  • Gordon’s 2nd quarter is what he needs to discover.  He was aggressive but getting shots that make sense for him and shots where he can succeed however, in the 4th quarter and later he started forcing and taking shots that are not in his success areas.  This is incredibly difficult Durant and LeBron talked about this just last year as something they were just learning.   Gordon had 20 scoring opportunities tonight for 17 points.  That needs to get close to 1 to 1 at a minimium. This is a super hard transition.
  • I liked Alec Burks game tonight more than what we saw in OKC or part of the Lakers game.  His shooting is all over the place.  Ron Boone points out he is not missing close.  The Jazz really need him to score and score with some efficiency.   Right now he is putting up some really tough shooting nights.  If that doesn’t stop you have to wonder where he goes in the rotation when Brandon comes back and Marvin is available (though  I think Marvin is a 4 on this roster)
  • Burks took 6 on his shots in the restricted area which is a step in the correct direction but he was 2 of 6 in this area.  Burks is 3 for 29 from 16 feet plus in the pre-season and 7 for 36 out of the paint.  That has to get fixed or …….
  • Ian Clark’s defense on Crawford was solid and he has accelerated his release to be able to get his shot off better.
  • Strong overall performance.  Jazz play like that and it will be an enjoyable season of discovery.