EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz starters are strong depth is not


  •  Jazz were +2 tonight with players that will be on the roster when the season starts.   In the first quarter the starters (Lucas, Jefferson, Hayward, Favors and Kanter) lead 11-7 in 6:00 of action.   Strong they would have only allowed 14 points in the first quarter at that pace.  Then in the 2nd quarter (Lucas, Jefferson,Hayward,Burks and Kanter or Favors) played for 3:00 minutes and were outscored 8-7.  Then to start the third quarter the starters played 6:40 and were outscored 13-12.   Again a pretty good though not great defensive stretch.   Overall the group outscored the Lakers 30-26.
  • Favors is going to be the leading rebounder in the NBA or top 3 behind Dwight Howard and Love.  But he is going to be in the elite rebounders in the NBA..
  • My highlight of the night was two great passes from Favors to Burks.
  • Burks played a much more patient game tonight.  However, every time he goes away from the pick he is breaking the offense and playing 1 on 1 with no outlet inside of the offense.   These plays are very rarely developing into anything productive for the offense. According to Zach Lowe Burks goes away from the pick at a higher rate than any guard in the NBA.
  • I have always admired the Jazz organization for giving every player that comes to camp a fair shot at showing their skills.  If you come to camp and work the Jazz always give players an opportunity to play and show their skills to the entire league.  Tonight the Jazz did the same, unfortunately for some of those players their flaws showed more brightly than their strengths.
  • Kanter needs to reassert himself on the glass.
  • Hayward did not make an outside shot tonight.   He is not getting looks on the right side of the floor where he is most successful.   No one else on the team can create and distribute.  This is going to make it tough on Gordon to get looks he can bury.
  • See you tomorrow.