EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz improve defense but still search for offense


  •  Jazz played a much defensive game then they did the last few times out.   In practice the other day they drilled rotations and more rotations and it was noticeably better in today’s game then it had been in the past few outings.
  • Scoring points is going to be tough right now.  It is a cool story that our current two point guards played each other in China but it also means that recently our two points were playing each other in China.   Lucas and Hudson were a combined 1 for 9 tonight.   We are asking a lot out of them to handle this role, Lucas has started 2 games in his entire NBA career and Hudson thought he was out of the league this year.
  • The amount of energy Gordon Hayward is exerting in a night is vastly different than what he was asked to do a year ago. I see some tired moments out there right now.  He will get used to it but he is carrying a mammoth load on the offensive end.   Tonight he was 6 of 14 but 2 of them were halfcourt bombs at the buzzer so he was really 6 for 12 for 18 points.   He also had 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 turnovers.
  • Favors did a nice job staying on the floor and out of foul trouble and his defense was great. Let’s love him for what he is, a great defender and rebounder, rather than hate on him for what he is not right now, a strong offensive player.
  • Advanced stats – The first and third quarter offense was really poor, 66 pts per 100 possessions in the 1st quarter and 79.8 in the third quarter.   You need to be over 100.  Defense was good other than the 3rd quarter where the defensive rebounding disappeared allowing the Thunder to grab 42% of their misses.
  • Enes Kanter has to do a better job on the defensive glass.
  • I still have no idea who is making this team and I would keep an eye on the waiver wire because it could be someone not on the roster. Ian Clark is 13, a point guard is #14 and not sure if we keep #15.   Not a lot of spots.
  • I vowed I would not become concerned about a player in the pre-season.  Same way I will not pronounce a player as taking the next step in the pre-season so I am reserving  judgment on 5 for 25 shooting slump.