INSIDER – The different task at hand for Gordon Hayward

This season the Utah jazz are asking Gordon Hayward to be the primary ball handler and go to guy. Last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers was a good example of how different a task this is for Hayward this season.

If you look at Gordon Hayward shot chart from last season he was a dominant right side player.  This may have been largely due to Al Jefferson being on the left side of the floor.

gordon last year

However, this season with the ball in his hands defenses will dictate where Gordon Hayward get his shots. If you look at last nights shot chart you an see that many of his shots in a 5 for 16 outing were on the left side of the floor.

gordon last night

Lebron James talked a year ago about the biggest improvement in his game was learning how to get his shots where he wanted to get them. This was after being the go to guy for eight years in the NBA. ┬áThe contrast in last year’s shot chart compared to last night’s shot chart is a good example of one of the things Gordon Hayward will experience this season as the go to guy.