EMPTYING THE NOGGIN — Look at pre-season game #4


  •  If you missed the game tonight or want an excellent recap make sure you catch the new Jazz Game Rewind feature that will up at Locked on Jazz as well as Locked on Jazz on Itunes and Stitcher
  • This game may be very typical of a lot of Jazz games early in the year.  Strong effort but inexperienced mistakes and an lack of experience late in the game.
  • Lots of things to like tonight.  Gordon Hayward had the ball in his hands for lots of the playmaking without Trey Burke on the floor.  He did a very nice job and made some mistakes. Gordon used to get to pick his spots for shots and tonight he often has to take the shot whatever it might be and he hit just 5 of 16 but he got to the line 14 times and was able to score 20 points on 14 free throws.    His points per scoring opportunity tonight was 22 scoring opportunities and 20 points.  He needs to be above 1.  League average is 1.05
  • Advanced Stats notes – Jazz defensive efficiency tonight was 100.5 which is good but the offense was 93.2.  Hard to win at 93.2.   League average is about  100.7.   Jazz defensive rebounding was really a problem in the third quarter when the Blazers got 54% of their own misses as offensive rebounds.   Jazz scored  just 43 points on 49 second half offensive trips.
  • The Jazz used less than 5% of their possessions in the 2nd half shooting a three.   League average is 25%. With Hayward handling and Burke,  Rush and Marvin out I am not sure who is taking three’s but someone has too.
  • Enes Kanter 1st quarter was terrific 7 for 7 to start and he finished with 16 points.   This was much needed.  He was really beating up on himself after the last two games.
  • Derrick Favors is going to be a top 5 rebounding in the NBA, he might lead the league. 16 of his 17 rebounds were on the defensive end.
  • I was talking with a scout today who referened  Alec as a streaking shooter.    This was too much of a streak the wrong way as he went 1 for 13 from the field.
  • Ron Boone said he thinks Lester Hudson just made the team he is a good shooter and a solid rebounder.
  • I like the little things Andris Biedrins brings.
  • We met with the NBA officals before the game and they said the point of emphasis was travelling, moving screens and delay of game.   They weren’t kidding.