INSIDER – How long do you miss with a fractured finger

Tonight the Jazz rookie Trey Burke fractured the index finger on his right (shooting) hand.

Not all fractured fingers are the same but from a search here are the other NBA fractured finger injuries and the time table.  We will know more specifically on Monday about Trey Burke’s timetable.

Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson both seemed to miss no games and played with broken or fractured fingers.  Here are the mere mortals …..

Kyrie Irving in November of 2012 missed from November 18th to December 11th

Manu Ginobili in Jan 2012 missed from Jan 4th to Feb 8th of 2012

Delonte West Jan 2010 missed Jan 23rd to Feb 11th

Delonte West did it again in Feb of 2012 missed Feb 17 to March 29, he had to have a pin put in his finger.

Raymond Felton Dec 2012 missed from Dec 26th to Jan 26th

Roddie Beaubois March 2012 missed from March 18th to the end of the season

Jonas Valanciunas Dec 2012 missed from Dec 21st to Feb 1st his was referred to as a broken finger.

Stephen Jackson  Nov 2012 missed from Nov 21st to Dec 17th

If you look a month from today you get to November 11th and the Jazz will have only played 7 regular season games