EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall in pre-season game #2


  •  Great setting tonight in Boise.  Nothing ever runs as smoothly when we leave NBA arenas but it is great to have people who wouldn’t regularly see the NBA game get a chance to see it.   It usually costs the home team a bunch of money because they can’t sell as many tickets but I would say it is worth it.


  • The Lillard/Aldridge combo was too much for the Jazz to handle.  Jeremy Evans got the start for the Jazz at power forward and Aldridge is a tough match-up.  Early in the game the Blazers went to the post with Aldridge and the Jazz doubled to help but the Blazers were able to get looks out of the rotations.  Then Lillard and Aldridge got the pick and roll game going and the Jazz didn’t have an answer to stop it.


  • Jeremy had a really tough time with Aldridge but Aldridge is a top 10 scorer each of the last two years so everyone has a tough time with him.


  • Richard Jefferson got the night off so Alec Burks got the start and it was clear that Alec seems much more comfortable playing as the scorer and ball handler of the second unit.


  • Gordon Hayward scored 20 points on 11 shot attempts.   All 8 of his points in the 3rd quarter came from the free throw line.


  • Trey Burke struggled early in the game missing his first 5 but he impressively stayed in the game and hit 3 of his final 5.  He made a conscience effort to distribute the ball early as he had 4 assists in the opening moments without a shot attempt.


  • Enes Kanter was very critical of himself after the game. Kanter said that he had to do a better job of staying focused and executing the plays correctly.   The opening game was not a good game for Kanter and tonight I didn’t notice as many issues but clearly Kanter was not pleased with how he performed.   Kanter needs to gain some confidence.  It seems as though he may have been beaten down a bit in training camp and needs to get a boost of positive energy. Remember he hasn’t played for 6 months and was only cleared right before camp so I am sure he is physically wasted as he is trying to get through this portion of camp


  • Favors got 3 offensive fouls on picks.   All of his 4 fouls were avoidable.  He needs to learn how to stay on the floor.  Not a good offensive night for Derrick.  He made one very nice moved from the left mid block when he straightened up and drove with the left hand and came up the reverse side for a layup.


  • None of the non-roster players stood out tonight.  Justin Holliday got the first run off the bench as the back-up 2 he does some nice things defensively and then Machado, Clark, Harris, Jones and Hudson got the final stretch.


  • Ian Clark needs to be really open to get a shot off.


  • I am stunned anyone drafted Thomas Robinson with the #5 pick