EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz beat the Warriors in pre-season


  • Big Question of the night is how much was the Warriors 33% shooting because of pre-season, fatigue (3 games in 4 nights) or because of the new Jazz focus on defense.


  • I think it is probably mostly the first two, that is how both Thurl Bailey and Ron Boone felt during the broadcast but you saw good rotations and you saw lots of rim protection.  Some of the pick and roll defense still needs work.


  • Favors rebounding was awesome.   14 rebounds, 12 on the defensive end in just 26 minutes


  • Trey Burke played a nice game.  His line tonight is what we should expect most nights – 5 for 14 with 12 points, 2 rebounds  and 3 assists.  This is before teams  start to isolate him in scouting reports.  He played in control and looked like he belonged.   Coach Corbin thought he started slow and then got going.


  • Alec Burks with the second team as the scorer and playing with the ball in his hands is a great fit for Burks. This could really work out well.  He could average 14 points off the bench and get solid time on the floor.    If the Jazz can get 30 minutes  from Burks, 38 from Hayward they have covered 68 of the 96 minutes on the wings.   Jefferson can probably give another 20 or 25 and then it is close to complete until Brandon Rush returns.


  • I am really happy for Andris Biedrins.  He was such a psychological mess in Golden State to play against the Warriors and play well could be very important for his season. He is a nice player that can help you win.


  • Jeremy Evans got steamrolled on his first two defensive possessions by David Lee and then pieced together a very solid night.   He finished with 12 points and 13 rebounds.   He will always have a weight issue but on the right matchups he is showing he is more and more ready to play. He nailed a few nice jumpers.


  • Gordon had a Toni Kukoc – Scottie Pippen line 8 points, 7 rebounds (all defensive) and 8 assists plus 3 steals and the play of the night his roundball robbery of Kyle Thompson and then an assist and outlet to Favors.