Scouting Report on Alec Burks prior to the NBA Draft

I was searching through files getting ready for the season. This was my scouting report on Alec Burks prior to the NBA Draft

Player: Alec Burks
Specifics: 6’6 193
Birthdate: July 20 1991 (20 years old)
Numbers: 21 pts 6.5 rebs and 3 asts – 47% FG and 29% 3pt
Game Scouted: Colorado v. Texas A&M – Colorado v. Kansas

Alec grew up in Grandview Missouri. Was the state player of the year in Missouri. Was the Big 12 Freshman of the year. Leaves Colorado after two years. Set the Colorado school record for most points in a season and most free throws made and attempted in the a season.

Alec is a bonafide scorer. He plays mostly in isolation dribble drive circumstances. He was forced to use a ton of possessions at Colorado. The knock on his game is his outside shooting but as a 81% free throw shooter he has touch. He creates and plays off contact. He has an amazing ability to get shot off. His handle is ok for a two guard and he is a somewhat willing passer. Defensively, he is not very active.

He has all the skills to be a 18 to 20 point a game scorer in the NBA. He will be very good on a late short clock. If his shooting from the outside improves he will be deadly. Can he learn how to play as the non primary focus of a team’s offense? If he is special inside he has a chance to be a Brandon Roy type player. He will score and get to the line in the NBA. I believe players can learn how to shot and would anticipate Burks to be a 33% three point shooter, not great but good enough. Has to learn how to play without the ball, at Colorado had the ball in his hand most of the time.

Overall: He is a slashing scorer.
Move without the ball – Gets himself open but doesn’t use picks great to free himself. Didn’t come off picks tight or on a curl
Isolation Game: He can take you 1 on 1 and beat you. But he is going to need to learn some tricks to help him complete plays
Handle: He can beat you with the dribble and holds it together in traffic . Great hesitation dribble
Pick and Roll: He doesn’t turn the corner a great deal. He would rather retreat and go 1 on 1 .
Shooting: Not a good shooter. Some think his shot is broken others think it will develop. I am more on the side of developing. Has great elevation on his jump shoot which means he will be able to get the shot off. I also think it might be why he shots a low percentage that being that he is fatigued. Has a tendency to fade.
Rebounding –
Passing – Passing is part of his game but not what makes him. He is ok passing but he doesn’t make a ton of plays for his teammates.
Understanding: Great offensive player.
Poise: Sometimes a bit cool for school.

Overall: Pretty lax defensively. Doesn’t give a lot of himself on the defensive end. He played harder in the final moments of the game. Good enough athlete to recover.
On Floor Defense: Not good. .
Help Defense: Not much
Pick and Roll D gets hit on picks without a lot fight.
Rebounding Average for a shooting guard

Hands: Good free throws and good handle on the dribble
Balance. Willing to play with contact, seems strong
Play Hard: Not incredibly but gives of himself offensively.
Feet: Good balance
Pressure Not clear
Attitude If he has it inside he could be special.

Best Case Scenario Brandon Roy or Paul Pierce
Likely Case Scenario: Caron Butler or Josh Howard Demar Derozan
Worst Case Scenario Willie Green