BREAKDOWN – Hayward’s task – From 3rd scorer to primary scorer – A continuing Study

Today we look at Danny Granger of the Indiana Pacers, in our continued look at players who had a major jumping possessions. Granger in the 2006-07 season the average 14 possession game then jumped to 19 the next year and 25 year after that. Granger is the best case scenario for Gordon Hayward. Most of the players will look at stay the same or take a slight dip when they get the increase of burden of possessions. However, in the case of Danny Granger he exploded jumping from a locke offensive rating of 17 to 22 and then to 33. Truthfully Danny Granger outlier when it comes to looking at this research of all the other players.

Granger used a possession every 2 minutes that he was on floor when he became the number one option for the Indiana Pacers. That is a tough task and is almost ball hogish. For Gordon Hayward to be able to use a possession every 2 minutes is going to be difficult in a balance jazz attack.