BREAKDOWN – Hayward’s task – From 3rd scorer to primary scorer – A continuing study

The next player in our study, looking at what happens when someone goes from the third option to the first option offensively is Al Harrington. We must go back a few years, Al Harrington came to the NBA directly out of high school and became the primary go to guy in Atlanta after 6 years in Indiana. In his final years in Indiana Harrington was averaging about 14 possessions a game but when he went to Atlanta he we had to use 20 possessions a game. Harrington struggles in this role if you look at his Locke offensive ranking he was just barely above average. However, looking back the years Harrington played in Indiana he was not an efficient player . In fact, his numbers got just a notch better when he became the primary option in Atlanta and had the increase of possession use.

Atlanta gave up on Harrington and his return to being a complimentary player in Indiana, Golden State and the New York Knicks this seems to be much better after having the experience of being a primary scorer. Specifically, to our study of Gordon Hayward’s move the third score to the first score we see once again the move to 20 possessions from 15 didn’t hurt Harringtons productivity he was never a particular efficient player.