INSIDER – Marvin Williams to have surgery

Utah Jazz announced today that Marvin Williams will have surgery on his right heel and Achilles tendon on June 3rd and be out an estimated 6 months.

Here is the impact of Marvin’s surgery.
1) Marvin will certainly opt in for the final year of his contract putting 7.5 million dollars on the Jazz salary.

2) Marvin’s on court role could have taken a significant change this season and still may. With the possible departure of Millsap and Jefferson Marvin could have become the Jazz 3rd big man. Marvin played the power forward a good deal in Atlanta and has the ability to stretch the floor. Marvin seemed more active whenever he played that role this last season.

3) The Jazz lose a good long defender for at least a month of the season. The Jazz had played 17 games by Dec 1st last year. It is reasonable to think the Jazz could miss Marvin for nearly a quarter of their games this next season.

4) This makes a tough call for the Jazz front office in two areas. In the front court when decided what do with Millsap and Jefferson or find replacements the Jazz will likely have to add two big men to the roster to be able to survive the first 20 games.

5) At the small forward position this makes DeMarre Carroll an important re-sign for the Jazz. If Williams was going to play the small forward in the upcoming season those minutes needed to be filled for the portion he is going to miss.

6) I am not sure it alters the Jazz draft day approach.

7) Lastly, Marvin is only out until Dec 1st (estimation) he will be a part of the roster for the other 75 to 80% of the season so any move to cover for Marvin’s injury then could be a logjam move once he is healthy.

8) Ok 1 more, Marvin will miss all of training camp. If Coach Corbin is planning on instituting new system’s Marvin won’t be able to participate in those drills. However, Marvin is a smart player so he should be fine once he is healthy.

Best wishes to Marvin on his surgery and to a speedy recovery.