INSIDER – 5 man line-up data – No surprise why Final 4 is who they are

Below is the chart of the 5 man lineup data I was discussing today on Tip Off. This chart is the 33 line-ups that were used at least 300 minutes

Yellow are line-ups of the Final 4 tea teams. Green are the Utah Jazz

The defensive rtg is color coded – Red is the best and Green is the worst.

33 most used line-ups

A few takeaways
1) The best 5 man line-ups are alive. Toronto is the outlier here. The Thunder would likely be alive if Westbrook wasn’t hurt.
2) The best defensive 5 man line-ups are teh ones who are the best teams.
3) Amazing the Jazz were plus .500 with the worst 5 man line-up that played 300 minutes this season and the 6th worst.
4) The Mo, Foye, Hayward, Millsap and Jefferson line-up was the worst defensive unit in the NBA used over 300 minutes and the Tinsley, Foye, Marvin, Paul and Al line-up was the worst line-up overall used over 300 minutes.
5) Is Toronto onto something?
6) Atlanta should have been better in the playoffs? Or just a bad match up with Indiana
7) The Heat line-up with an offensive rating of 117.2 is insane.
8) Best defensive line-up is not Memphis but Parker, Green, Leonard, Splitter and Duncan.

The league is about 5 man units that dominate.