INSIDER – Is it possible Favors is not behind in minutes played?

The mantra around the Utah Jazz for the past two seasons has been that Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson have stunted the playing time opportunity for Derrick Favors. Anyone who has watched the Utah Jazz has felt Favors is on the verge of exploding and ready for a larger role.

Yet, when compared to other similar current bigs and a Utah Jazz all time great Karl Malone, Favors is not behind in minutes played at all. Favors entered the NBA as a young 19 year old, born July 15 1991. Now as a 21 year old he has played 4,698 minutes. More minutes than Tyson Chandler and Jermaine O’Neal played at the same age and other comparable big Joakim Noah and Roy Hibbert didn’t play in the NBA until they were 22 years old. Same goes for Jazz great Karl Malone who didn’t play until he was 22.

Below is a comparison of Favors, Chandler, Mailman, O’Neal, Noah and Hibbert. The numbers for Noah, Malone and Hibbert are after their first year at 22 years old. For a fair comparison project Favors plays 30 minutes a night next year for 2,400 minutes in the season and by 22 he will have played 7,000 minutes to Hibbert’s 1,000, Noah’s 1,500 and Malone’s 2,400.

Favors per minute or per game production doesn’t seem off-line either.

favors comparision with malone

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