INSIDER – Favors minutes compared to his draft class

Since posting the surprising numbers of Favors minutes compared to similar bigs in recent years numerous people have said what about Favors draft class. It does feel as though Favors has been held back in his playing time compared to his draft class.

Both DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe have been integral starting players for their respective teams. Ed Davis who was drafted by Toronto and since traded to Memphis has had consistent playing time as well. However, both Cousins and Monroe entered the league a year older than Favors as did Ed Davis. Other big men in the draft were Ekpe Udon ,23 and Cole Aldrich was 22.

When equalizing his draft class Favors has still played more minutes by the same age. Favors total minutes as of 21 years old, 4,698 surpass Greg Monroe and DeMarcus Cousins.

Additionally, surprising is how close Favors is in production to Greg Monroe when you equalize for minutes played. They both are taking the same shots per minute, rebounding the same and scoring at similar rates. Favors blocks more shots. Cousins 44% shooting is abysmal.

favors compared to draft class

In conclusion, I don’t disagree that Favors could have played more or that Millsap and Jefferson presence restricted his minutes on the floor. However, these last two comparisions show very clearly that Favors is not behind in development or that his development has been stunted in any way.

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