INSIDER – Favors 21 years old and younger minutes in historical context

Continuing today’s on-going discussion about Favors minutes I searched NBA history for players 6’10 or taller and minutes played as of 21 years old. 12 players have played more minutes than Favors in NBA history.

A few notes on this. The league rules have changed over the years about when players are allowed into the league so the sample size of players that could have fit this category is a bit limited.

I have professed the Oreo cookie in Milk theory of young players where you have to dip them just right for their development. An overdip and you get a soggy cookie that has lost its value. An under dip and you didn’t get the value of the milk and if you dip perfectly then you have the ultimate combination.

In my mind at least 4 of these 12 players were overdipped, Biedrins, Hawes, Curry and Brown.

The 4 players that played dramatically more minutes than Favors will all likely be in the Hall of Fame and at least three of the 4 were top 2 or 3 players in the NBA numerous years.

Once you eliminate the Hall of Famers from this group a strong argument could be made that the other players didn’t garner a great benefit from playing this many minutes at an early age. In fact, all of them other than Lopez have had careers significantly below expectations.

The value of this three part exercise is that it shows Favors is still on a nice trajectory for a strong career. The argument that his development has been stalled or stymied over the last two years is not based on the indisputable grounds. In fact, might even be on the short side of data.

I was in the camp that thought Favors explosion would have taken place last year. Let’s hope that his 4th season at 22 years old is the right time.

favors nba comparision

Just for food for thought here are the next tier down of minutes played by players 6’10 and taller by 21 years of age

next tier down of mintutes