EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – One final empty

• Sad the season has come to an end. Lots of games too look back on where one play here or there feels like prevented us from continuing on to the playoffs. I am sure if we looked at some of comebacks they equaled each other out and the reality is we are who we are.

• That was abundantly clear tonight and even back at the OKC game. We were a playoff contender and Memphis and OKC are title contenders and that is a completely different level. One that we were unable to handle or combat.

• Memphis went full throttle tonight. They have won 14 of their last 15 at home, they are the #1 defensive team over the last 10 games and the #2 defensive team for the entire season. Whenever we have played the top level defensive teams we have been unable to overcome their defensive presence.

• The effort was strong tonight. The defense was really good for most of the game. The Grizzlies stretched it to 7 at the end of the 1st half but the Jazz answered on a 7-2 run to get back in the game. The lack of offense in the 3rd quarter became more than the Jazz could over come.

• The Jazz got their first fast break point with 7:00 left in the 4th quarter – 4th quarter. It is way too hard to score in the half court on every possession in this league and that is what the Jazz tried to do against a great defensive team.

• At the end of 3 quarters Al Jefferson was 6 of 12 and the rest of the team was 14 of 49. No one other than Al could get it going. Partially , because with Gasol they didn’t need to double team a great deal.

• Al Jefferson had 22 points, 16 rebounds. Over the final 12 games of the season he averaged 22 pts a game shot 52% and grabbed nearly 10 rebounds a game. Al was as invested in the well being of this team and this organization at the highest level.

• The Jazz just missed a ton of shots at the rim. One of the tenant to this team offensively is offensive rebounding but it the first quarter the Jazz got 2 second chance points on 4 chances, then in the 2nd quarter they only got 2 on 6 chances and in the third quarter 0 on 3 chances.

• At the end of 3 quarter we had 0 fast break points and only 4 second chance points on 13 chances. We are not going to win many of those games.

• Even during the dreadful shooting of the 3rd quarter 4 of 18 the Jazz held the Grizzlies to 8 of 21 shooting. The game had 15 fouls in the 3rd quarter.

• The Jazz bench never got going once Gordon Hayward went back in the starting line-up. Favors 2/9 – Marvin 2/7 and Burks 3/6

• Favors night is the perfect way to end the season – He is super defensively, his defensive rebounding is tremendously improved, he grabbed 11 rebounds, he has added passing with 3 assist, 3 steals and 2 blocks but he was 2 of 9 and his offensive weaknesses are still prohibiting him.

• Missed free throws early altered the game – always playing from behind took it tool.

• I have no idea what happened to Paul Millsap to close the season. He shot 19 of his last 48 and averaged 7 pts per game.

• It is going to be an interesting off-season. Will we be adding talent, will we clear the deck for younger players, are the younger players ready and good enough to do that, will we take a step back to keep flexibility and clear the deck, will we add a marquee piece, what about Al, Paul, Randy, Mo, DeMarre, Earl and Jamaal.

• It was a pleasure to spend a season with this team. I feel very fortunate to be your conduit to Jazz basketball. Thanks for your passion and dedication.