EMPYTING THE NOGGIN – Jazz make all 82 matter

• 82 that matter. We are so fortunate as a franchise that this doesn’t seem like a big deal but every year usually 14 of the 30 franchise don’t play 82 that matter. This year only 17 of 30 play 82 that matter and we are in that group. In fact, we have been in that group every year but 1 or 2 since the 80’s. It is an incredible run.

• The early success of our franchise with two of the greatest players to ever play the game, Stockton and Malone, may make it so we don’t realize how fortunate we really are and really why should we you only know what you have experienced. Let me try to put this in perspective. The Wolves tonight were looking for their first winning home record since 05-06. That is just a home winning record.

• For everyone who wanted the Jazz to go to the bottom and follow the “OKC model” if you aren’t careful you end up with a dramatically different model. Golden State is playing in their 2nd playoffs in 18 seasons. Sacramento is still at the bottom, Phoenix isn’t coming out of this anytime soon and how about Charlotte, Washington, Detroit, etc.

• The most interesting comparison to me is the Timberwolves trading Kevin Garnett and the Jazz trading Deron Williams. In 2007 the Timberwolves traded their best player and since then have won 22,24,15,17,26 and 30 games. On the other hand, the Jazz traded Deron and while getting some young players similar to the Wolves for Garnett they have maintained a competitive team and won 53% of their games the last two years. The Wolves fan base has left them. They are disengaged with their team and they have no culture as a franchise. The Jazz are the complete opposite.

• Big Al Jefferson did it again. He is carrying this team. The last 10 games prior to tonight he was shooting 58% and averaging 21 pts a game and tonight he followed the suit 8 of 15 from the field and scored 22 points. In the few moments when the game was trending away from the Jazz Jefferson took over and stretched the game back out every time the Jazz needed it.

• Jazz started the night on a 16-2 run and never relinquished the lead. The Jazz played harder than the Wolves and with a sense of purpose.

• Impressive to me that each time the Jazz lost their rhythm offensively they maintained the defensive focus and held onto the control of the game.

• Few other notes – liked Paul’s 8 rebounds, Hayward 6 rebounds. Mo’s 4 steals and 7 assists. Favs had a solid 12 points and 6 rebounds after foul trouble, but he has to learn how to stay in games. Marvin played hard and was active.

• Randy Foye has 8 straight games with multiple three’s – second longest streak in the nba.

• This was another dark day in the new world we live. Our thoughts go out to all the people in Boston and those impacted by today’s events. Evil has the ability to show its ugliest side with much great ease in our world, however every time it does we show it how united we are, how courageous we are and the true power of the positive human spirit. Evil can’t keep us down and you never will.