EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Fight, battle, perserverance and more

• This is great !!! How much fun are you having now.

• This game had most of the things we have been asking for from the Jazz this season all wrapped into one 48 minutes performance. They battled, they made huge defensive stops, they were cold blooded with big plays, they dove on the floor, they stayed focus when adversity struck, they had smart possessions, they were terrific out of timeouts and they won on the road against an above .500 team.

• Win tonight over the Warriors was our first and only other win against a team that was above .500 since the Jazz beat Brooklyn on the Xmas road trip.

• Where do I start.

• Favors block on the Curry drive was the defensive play of the year. He was out on the floor near the half court line on the pick and roll coverage and found a way to get all the way back to the basket to block the shot. Offensive defensive substitution allowed that to happen. Moreover, Mark Jackson had brought Draymond Green in the game for Bogut and I believe this may have been to force Al Jefferson into pick and roll coverage and when Corbin went to Favors it blew up the play.

• Jazz took 25 three’s tonight and have now taken 20 or more three’s in three straight games. It is a safe bet that is the first time in franchise history. The Jazz should shot a lot of three’s with Hayward, Foye and Mo all over 40% from three they should be bombing those shots it counts 50% more last time I checked.

• Mo Williams was absurd. Everyone is talking about the three to clinch it which was definitely a no no no yes shot. I thought an equally big play was out of a timeout with 5:56 left the Warriors had cut it to 6 and Mo came into the game out of the timeout and immediately came off a Favors pick and hit a pull up jumper from the top of the key to make it an 8 point game.

• Some interesting coaching moves in this game. Mark Jackson opened the second half with Kyle Thompson on Mo Williams and Steph guarding Randy Foye. Mo had 12 first half points and the Warriors couldn’t guard him. Corbin decided not to cross match and Jackson went to Kyle Thompson every possession with Mo Williams guarding him. On one level it worked. Thompson got some good looks and was beating Mo badly however, Steph Curry went 1 for 3 in the third quarter and never seemed to get his rhythm back shooting just 2 of 8 in the second half. I will take any half where Thompson takes 10 shots to Curry’s 8.

• Corbin did a lot of adjusting tonight. The Warriors stymied the Jazz offense in the 2nd half. Jefferson couldn’t get looks on Bogut in the post (4 of 9 in 2nd half) Millsap couldn’t get anything going on David Lee and Kyle Thompson had Mo Williams. The Jazz transformed out of the post heavy offense and into a pick and roll based offense to get looks and try to re-invigorate the offense,

• Gordon Hayward is getting tougher every game. He drew another foul tonight. Hayward went out of his way on our post game show to talk about how much he is helped by Favors defensively. Future is bright.

• Randy Foye deserves a lot of credit for his defense on Steph Curry. When Jackson made the switch Corbin figured it worked ok for the Jazz on the other end.. Also Hayward and DeMarre Carroll spent time on Curry. When Warriors go to Jack as a point guard it means a bigger player can play Curry.

• The Paul Millsap struggles against Golden State are not new. He 25 of his last 62 against the Warriors. Though in the midst of his struggles he dove on the floor for a loose ball on one of the key plays of the game.

• I would buy season tickets to watch Steph Curry.

• Jazz Road 4th quarter defense has been last in the NBA. Tonight the Warriors shot 9 of 22 only 2 three pointers and only 1 freee throw. That is great 4th quarter road defense.

• Felt like Jazz were very good out of timeouts tonight.

• Jazz are the #1 offensive team in the NBA the last 5 games and the #1 assist to turnover team – 1st quarter tonight 9 assists on 11 field goals, ball movement was better in the 2nd quarter and Jazz had 10 assists on 14 field goals and even when the offense bogged down in the third quarter the Jazz had 6 assists on 7 field goals.

• Jamaal Tinsley was very good again tonight – 15 minutes with no turnovers. He also handled Curry ok in the open floor a few times, plus hit some monster three point shots. He is a solid 15 minute a night back up.

• Jazz didn’t shot a free throw in the 1st half.

• Third quarter Big Al really grinded – he had 9 points and 3 assists when we only scored 21 points. This is at least 15 of the 21 points in the quarter. His third quarter line was 9 pts, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

• Gordon Hayward had 2 huge offensive rebounds in the 4th quarter – This kid is obsessed with winning.

• The story of the night is the Jazz handling every run the Warriors made at the Jazz. The Warriors would look like they were in control and would have the crowd roaring the Jazz would make a play that stymied the run. It happened all night. Warriors would get it to 4 and the Jazz would take it right back to 8. From the time the Jazz went on a 27-11 run over most of the 2nd quarter the Warriors never led again. The Warriors last lead 42-41 and the Jazz never relinquished it.