EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Nuggets run past Jazz

• If the Jazz lost tonight to Miami the way this game went you would walk out and say dang Miami is good. Since Jan 1st Denver is 1 game off Miami’s pace and Miami won 8 million in a row. Think about that. Denver is really really good right now.

• The loss is a big deal, the Jazz don’t have many more losses in their bank until they are bankrupt. One maybe two if they want to make the playoffs.

• As the game went on things the Jazz did well earlier in the game started to waver near the end which tells me the Nuggets relentlessness was more than the Jazz could handle.

• The Jazz starting guards were 4 for 21 from the field and 2 of 11 from three. No way you can win this game when you get that kind of shooting out of Mo and Randy.

• Faried went 4 for 4 in outplaying Millsap this year. Faried never stops and he moves terrifically without the ball. He is such a smart player. He sees the plays before they happen and that allows him to get to the open spot for his offensive action.

• The Jazz allowed way too many blow bys defensively on the wings tonight.

• Jamaal Tinsley couldn’t guard Evan Fournier and was too small and that forced the Jazz to play without Tinsley who has been helpful to the Jazz recently.

• Denver was without Ty Lawson but they have so many different guys who can handle the ball and initiate the offense that being without Lawson is not being without a point guard it is just being without a scorer and they have enough balance to handle it.

• I really like Evan Fournier. He is going to be a nice player in this league.

• Hayward got in foul trouble in the first half with the Jazz trailing by 3 and then the Nuggets stretched it to 7 in the 2nd quarter but the Nuggets blew the Jazz out in the start of the 3rd quarter.

• Jazz opened the third missing 6 straight shots, Millsap missed from 20, Hayward missed a 3, Mo missed a layup, Hayward missed a 17 footer, Foye missed a 3 and by that time Jazz were down by 13 and Al Jefferson had not taken a shot in the third quarter – He took his first shot at the 7:11 mark of the 3rd quarter and it was also the Jazz first field goal.

• That is a stretch where we forgot who we are as a team.

• Denver is really good, they could beat OKC or SA in the 2nd round. The numbers guys were not crazy when they picked Denver to be best in the 1st West.