EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – A head full of weird facts after Jazz 5th straight win

• Jazz win their 5th in a row. This is the first time the Jazz have won 5 in a row by 9 or more since Feb 2007 and prior to that was in 1999. The jazz are only the 102nd team in NBA history to win 5 straight by 9 or more and they are the 11th Jazz team to do. Not bad the Jazz have more 10% of those streaks.

• This game had all sorts of numerical oddities. Mo Williams had 6 three’s in the game combined with Randy Foye it is the highest combined three point total of two players in Jazz history.

• The Blazers 58.2% shooting was the highest shooting percentage by an opponent in a loss since at least 1985. Couple that with 56.5% three point shooting and this has to be one of the highest EFG% ever in a loss. Maybe league wide. Tonight the Blazers EFG% was 67.9%

• Blazers are only the 16th team since 1985 to lose a game shooting 58% from the field and 56% from three – 4th since 1997

• The Jazz 6 turnovers is a season low and the 26 turnovers in the last three games is by far the lowest three game stretch of the season.

• Jamaal Tinsley has played over 60 minutes and committed 1 turnover. That is a huge change for this team. The turnovers were killing the Jazz and the second unit. It is easy to over look but 3 or 4 more turnovers a night are possessions where you get no shot and the other team is likely on some sort of a run out.

• Mo Williams has found his grove and more importantly the team has found their grove around him. Mo is not flawless. His defense on Lillard needed a little more early, his shoot first mentality is not always easy to swallow. However, he is the engine for this team and when he came back he was not right and that is the reality of returning from an injury. He was off, the team was off adjusting to him and figuring out how to play with him and now he seems to be flowing better and the team has managed a way to play with him. Jefferson is still getting enough looks in the post to make the offense work, the ball is flying around and moving from guy to guy and players are getting better and better looks. The offensive numbers with the starting line-up are crazy good.

• Gordon Hayward is becoming tougher every game. His defense has been very good the last few nights and more importantly he is getting under the opponents skin with his style of play.

• Jefferson has scored 20+ in three straight after being under 20 in 10 straight the longest run of his career as a starter.

• Solid win – not much more to be said. Jump on them early 7-0 then added a 13-2 run to have a 14 point lead in the 1st quarter, they answered every run the Blazers made and were never in trouble.

• It is what you should do and need to do to an non playoff team without its best player.

• Jazz hold the third longest win streak at home against under .500 teams.

• Big one Wednesday.