EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz were En-Foye-Go

• Randy Foye happened. Foye tied a Jazz record for 8 three’s in a game, he set the Jazz record for 7 three’s in a half and he tied the Jazz record for 5 three’s in a quarter.

• Solid win by the Jazz. Jazz took the lead 64-63 in the 3rd and then Foye went bananas. Jazz went on a 12-1 run and impressively never let the Nets get back in the game.

• Corbin went to a tight 8 man rotation in the second half. It is that time of year where there is not wiggle room and Corbin is narrowing things down.

• The Jazz ball movement was terrific tonight and it showed in 9 assists by Paul Millsap, a career high. The Jazz assists leaders were Millsap and Hayward tonight.

• A lot of the game tonight had Hayward and Deron going at each other. Interestingly enough neither of them could score on each other. Both Deron and Hayward have much better defensive games than they are recognized for by outsiders.

• Deron Williams looked much better than he did earlier this year. Nice to see him back having the bounce to his game.

• Third straight game for Big Al with 20 points. The Nets tried to double him and the Jazz took advantage with ball movement out to Foye for the three barrage.

• Marvin Williams made two miracle shots that put the Nets away but the key to his game was he was moving without the ball and the jazz kept finding him around the rim. Player movement is as important as ball movement, without the player movement there is no where for the ball to go.

• Jamaal Tinsley looks like he did earlier this year and that is a good thing. He got worn down when he was starting and had to play 30 minutes a night. He seems to have gotten his body back. He makes passes that no one else makes and is able to create opportunity for his teammates.

• My favorite play of the night was Favors screened out Evans great and the Jazz got the rebound, Tinsley lead the break but nothing materialized right away, the Jazz ran through correctly and Tinsley allowed the early offense to start and the Jazz found Favors back at the rim for a dunk. That is perfect basketball.

• 14 steals by the Jazz – Hayward had one of his best defensive games I have seen out of him . Hayward always does a nice job on the ball and did that tonight as well but his help and team defense was elite level and was sharp and smart.

• 4 in a row. 3 huge ones this week join us at Energy Solutions Arena. Need to get these three at home this week.