STAT CHECK – Jazz offensive ratings thru 70 games

Throughout the year I have been posting these updates every 10 games. We missed at game 60 but here are the Jazz offensive numbers through 70 games. The Locke offensive rating is the sort and that gives players credit for efficiency use and the ability to use a possessions. It does not hurt a player for turnovers so it is very favorable to Kanter and not as favorable to Jefferson who doesn’t turn the ball over. The items shaded in red are below league average.

Here are all the categories.

TS% – Weighs free throw shooting and three point shooting ((Pts/(FGA+trips to line)*2)).
EFG% – Weights 3 pt shots so 33% from three is a 50% EFG and 50% FG% with no 3′s is also 50% EFG
Cringe/Grin – This evaluates if a player uses a possession above the league average and how much he shots high number grin when he shoots, negative cringe it is a below league average possession
LHM – Is the metric Larry H Miller used to evaluate players, heavily favors big men
Locke – Is my offensive rating. Weighs efficiency and ability to use a possession. 0 – is replacement level – League average is intended to be 10 – 20 is starter -30 is elite -40 is rare and dominating
Active – Is impact on game rating used by former NBA Coach Bob Hill – favors bigs
Jack% – amount of time between times taking a shot
2%, 3%, FT%, to% –% of possessions used doing those items
SO – amount of scoring opportunities (FGA or trip to line) in 40 minutes
pts/so – pts per scoring opportunity
pts/fga – Kevin O’Connor favorite
Pts per Poss – pts per possession turnovers are counted here not in scoring opportunities
Poss – amount of possessions used per game

jazz after 70 games