EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz can’t stop the run in Dallas

• Game was tied at 69-69 and then the Mavericks started a run and we couldn’t stop it. Not to play Dr. Phil but this is where the slump builds upon itself. This team is lacking the confidence to know how to end opponent’s runs. The road losing and the post trade deadline losing has ripped the team of that belief. They make one or two good plays but they can’t get it to propel themselves into a continual streak of solid basketball. Largely this is because we are not a good enough defensive team and these runs have to be stopped largely on the defensive end.

• When we miss on a few offensive possessions the run starts and then we came a bit unglued tonight. We missed 4 straight shots after it was 69-69 and then it was quickly 74-69. We subbed in Favors and Marvin for a better defensive unit. Out of the timeout we ran a perectly executed jumper to Foye and that should be the beginning of quelling the run 74-71 and we are right back in it. But then the two possessions that changed the game more than any others happened Favors missed an easy hook in the middle and Nowitzki answered with a 3 8 point game, Jefferson missed an easy one at the rim and the Mavericks got four chances on the next possession as they ran down 4 loose balls, Jefferson looked like he had lost his legs and the Mavericks put the game to 10 and down 10 on the road heading into the 4th is almost impossible to come back from.

• The run eventually got to 32-10 as the 4th quarter line-up of Tinsley, Hawyard, Marvin, Favors and Kanter never got it going.

• Enes Kanter was very good this evening. The three play sequence on Chris Kaman was awesome. Kaman is a terrible defensive player but the sequence was what matters. He rolled him to the middle with a hook shot. The next time he dropped stepped him to the baseline for a layup and then he pulled up on his on a 12 footer over the top. The ability to have all three of those moves in his repertoire is a great step for his offensive game. He also is showing a nice ability to catch and collect in the lane and make a mid range jumper.

• Mike James at 37 years old lead all scorers with 19 points the last time he had scored 19 in a game as Feb 20 2009. Darren Collison was a defensive pest and caused the offense huge problems in the 2nd quarter getting started as the offense got pushed out to nearly the half court.

• The defensive issue started at the end of the 2nd quarter when the Jazz allowed the Mavericks to score on 6 of the final 8 possessions.

• The Jazz continually are trying to put the ball into Gordon Haywards hand to make plays and move the offense their in his direction but he is not able to do it every night. Some of the match-ups have worked for him but in San Antonio and tonight against Dallas he wasn’t able to as much. However, tonight he had 5 assists and hit some shots so I would have to look back on the film to see if they ran the offense thru him as much as some other nights.

• Since I mentioned it the other night just in fairness tonight Millsap and Jefferson were -6 when on the floor together so they were the least of the issues.

• The Jazz have been much better the last two nights. The offense is moving the ball and the offense is getting great looks. This is the best they have played offensively since Mo returned and the offense has been the problem as much as anything.

• Winning in San Antonio and Dallas are not places you anticipate winning if the Jazz can continue to play like they did the last two nights then you never know. The schedule is very forgiving the rest of the way. It is hard to imagine a team that has won 3 of its last 15 games and lost 9 straight road games is going to suddenly get hot and win 10 of their final 12. The schedule is there for them to do something of that nature and they have played better the last two nights which is a step in the right direction. They need to gain some confidence to who they are and how they are going to handle adversity. Back at it tomorrow Let’s hope this is a start of a remarkable run.