Utah Jazz shootaround

An old staple within Jazz basketball returned today in conversation at shoot around,  3 stops in a row. It sounds so simple but in the NBA getting 3 stops in a row is almost impossible.

The Jazz are looking to get 3 stops in a row twice a quarter and preferrably have 1 of those happening in the final minutes of a quarter so that you close on a run.

It’s worth keeping an eye on tonight to see if the Jazz can get the number 1 pace of play¬† team to slow down at all and get those 3 stops in a row at any point during the game.

If a team does accomplished this 8 times in a game they will almost always win the game. It sounds so simple and as you read this you must be thinking how can they not do that, but you would be surprised how rarely 3 stops in a row happens during an NBA game.

The other discussion was how to get off to faster starts. Coach Tyrone Corbin took some time with Mo Williams after shoot around in a 1 on 1 conversation to try to discuss with him what he could do to help the team get started.

In addition, Corbin met with Paul Millsap about his back to back slow starts. Corbin knows the team needs Millsap to show the energy early in the game and for the rest of them to build off the energy of Paul.