INSIDER – Are Foye’s struggles related to who plays the point?

Randy Foye has been struggling to make shots since the All-Star break. Numerous factors have gone into Foye shooting woes. Prior to the Minnesota game he took a shot to the leg and willed his way through that game and his legs have struggled to return to him.

In addition the Jazz have been swinging between 4 different point guards and that has made it difficult for Foye. Each of these point guards play the game very differently and for a shooter that is a considerable adjustment to how and where they are going to get the shots.

Randy was struggling prior to the Mo Williams injury in December. In fact, the night in Orlando when Williams injury was announced, Foye spent a large portion of that day watching film trying to discover where he can get looks in the offense.

Part of Foye’s struggles are he hasn’t had the big night where he nails 4 or 5 three’s. He has only had two games since Feb 4th with more than 2 three’s in a game.

Since Mo Williams has returned Foye is just 10 of his last 42 from the field. This is consistent to a season long trend that Foye is having a tougher time when Mo is on the floor. Looking solely at the point guards Foye’s struggles may be a case of missing Jamal Tinsley.

Here are the numbers for Randy Foye depending who his point guard has been
Foye with Mo Williams – 37% and 36% from 3 – 1.4 FTA per 36 – Mo off – 40% and 42% 3.0 FTA per 36
Foye with Jamaal Tinsley – 43% and 46% from 3- 2.7 FTA per 36 – JT off – 36% and 36% 2.4 per 36
Foye with Earl Watson – 35% and 36% from 3 3.2 FTA per 36 – EW off – 40% and 41% 2.4 per 36
Foye with Alec Burks – 39% and 42% from 3 4.1 FTA per 36 – off the floor – 39% and 40% 2.3 per 36

Interesting that not only does Foye shoot less well with Mo on the floor but he also goes to the line a great deal more. Tinsley seems to have a rhythm with Foye as he shoots 10% better from three with Tinsley than anyone else.

A lot goes into making a good shooter and right now those items are not clicking for Randy Foye and the Jazz.