• Losing to OKC non-issue. Losing to OKC after they lost their last game – non issue. Getting run for the second straight game on the road is discouraging.

• The Jazz are going to need to win 3 road games the rest of the way – Houston, Dallas and Golden State. They have not won a road game since All-Star break and only 1 in about 2 months so this seems like a big task but those are the games that will define this season.

• Jazz started well and were ahead 12-6 at first timeout and 12-10 at first sub but the Thunder closed the quarter on a 22-4 run. Then the Jazz went nearly 8:00 minutes to close the 2nd quarter without scoring they missed 17 straight shots. More disturbing is 17 straight shots without a free throw. Ball game.

• Never know whether it is lack of effort, lack of shooting or what it was. I promise you this whenever you miss shots it looks like lack of effort. The defense in the 2nd quarter was ok considering how bad the offense was so that would imply some effort. I actually think this was more about really bad shooting and poor play than poor effort.

• We either don’t fight or don’t believe and when things go wrong we do a very poor job of getting back on track.

• The Favors and Jefferson combo has struggled all year and again tonight – In the 1st quarter it was outscored 11-4 in 3:15 and the Thunder scored on 5 of 7 possessions in that span. In the 3rd quarter it was on the floor for 1:50 and got outscored 7-1 – So for the night it was 18-5 in 5:05. I have no idea what is going here but it has been happening all year and more importantly I can’t find any way for Tyrone to avoid having the two of them play together at some point.

• I don’t think there are major locker-room issues. I don’t think the guys have quit. The adjustment to having Mo back on the floor has obviously been far more difficult than previous imagined.

• Favors tipped the ball in with 7:49 left in the 2nd and then 17 straight misses, Marvin from 17, Millsap layup, Jefferson from 21, Hayward from 23, Mo a layup, Jefferson 12 footer, Hayward 25 foot 3, Marvin from 23 feet, Mo an 18 footer, Jefferson from 22, Jefferson from 9, DeMarre from 2, Foye frm 15, Jefferson frm 17 and the Jazz turned it over for 6 times in that stretch as well.

• Memphis is going to be tough on Saturday, they have won 13 of 14, they are great defensively, #2 in the NBA and the Jazz are having a world of problems against teams that over play and force them off their spots in the offense.

• I don’t know what has caused this play – tonight the main reason was the Thunder and the Knicks may have been worn out emotion. The killer is still the three games of the road trip that all could have been won and weren’t.