EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – End of Miserable road trip ends miserably

• At least I got to text the Rockets announcer Craig Ackerman with “thanks for matching our bad loss with one of your own.”

• I am really surprised by tonight. I didn’t think this is what was coming. Without Carmelo and Amare this game was there for the taking and I thought we would be able to grab one to at least remove some of the bitter taste in our mouth from this road trip. However, we got the exact opposite. The Jazz held off the blow out twice, once in the first quarter, once in the 2nd and then when it hit them in the 3rd they had nothing left.

• The Jazz were just terrible tonight. The pick and roll defense early was awful. The offense was almost exclusively perimeter based and they lacked energy. I think this surpasses the Houston home game in terms of performance.

• I am surprised most that there was such a lack of urgency to the performance. The only explanation is the mental and physical aspect of the road trip left the Jazz with nothing in the tank. I don’t like that angle and not one who wants to give them that out but I would say this team has consistently battled when the have been backed up on a wall so maybe that is why they didn’t have it physically or mentally.

• Our interviews at halftime from the coaches always mention they need to be “tougher” they need to “hit first” This team is becoming softer as the season goes on.

• Hard to single out anything in this game. The pick and roll defense to start the night was miserable. They really wanted to take away the lobs to Chandler and so Jefferson was staying tethered to Chandler off the pick and roll but our guards were completely unable to stay with their guards. Maybe Jeffferson needed to show a bit more but the guards have got to shoot through that better.

• The Jazz are 0-3 since Mo Williams returned. He has not been good but I don’t think I would put it there just yet because with a play or two in the first two games including one or two of his own and we would be 2-1 with him and probably be over playing his roll in that as well.

• Kanter hit his first Nba three on the final play of the game – he told me next year that will be part of his game.

• Randy Foye is struggling badly. He is shooting 25% or so since the all-star break.

• I can’t imagine what it is like to be a professional athlete and have the other teaming fooling on you. The Knicks were goofing all over the floor and I would have to imagine that is one of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen as an athlete.

• I don’t think we are done. Too much basketball yet to be played. I would hope that we see a level of urgency from these guys over the next few weeks. Bodies may be failing everyone a bit, Jefferson with his ankle, Mo is very sore from coming back and now Paul’s knee so that may be restricting their ability to do that but I think we will see the same fight they have shown all year.

• My largest concern is that with all the free agents we have that there is no connection from the players to the situation and the franchise but again that would be very inconsistent with how any of these guys have approach the season.