EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Digging deep into Jazz loss in Milwaukee

• Heck of a game. Jazz played really well. Other than the 3rd quarter, they defended great, they battled and they were able to answer about everything thrown at them. Really in a game like this when there are over 100 possessions on each side and you lose by 1 point it is somewhat luck. This game was as even as it comes. That is a huge improvement on the Jazz past road performances.

• There were a ton of great performances. However, just too many crucial mistakes that swing a one point game. DeMarre lost JJ twice in overtime, Millsap missed a free throw, a few loose passes and too many turnovers.

• The youth of this team is making huge strides. Hayward is carrying the largest load and at times you can tell it is a lot to ask for him to carry that burden. Tonight he was 3 for 16 and without Al the defense zeroed in on him and it was tough to get a look and with the interior defense of the Bucks he couldn’t get his usual action at the rim. To his credit he still scored 13 points on 16 shots which is pretty good for a 3 for 16 shooting night.

• Favors was a beast. He had 15 points and 9 rebounds. The 9 rebounds were helped by 5 offensive rebounds most if not all were his own miss. He was awesome around the rim. He hit one jumper but he was relentless and he played without getting in foul trouble. He was really good. When he plays he is going to get his numbers every night. He is so athletic and so talented.

• Kanter linked a second straight night of success. He played the final 17 minutes when the Jazz came back from an 11 point deficit and he had 12 points, 7 rebounds on 4 of 6 shooting in the 4th quarter and the overtime. He finished with a second straight double double 18-10 in 31 minutes. Pretty awesome.

• Burks has made enormous strides. He has become the player I loved out of the draft. He is hitting his outside shot enough that he is able to create space on the drive and he is finishing more and more and he is getting to the line. He is running the pick and roll much better than earlier this year. That is where his growth the best. He also is playing the point without the help of other ball handlers. His growth is terrific for a 2nd year player. 6 turnovers is too many but he will get that figured out. He is closing big minutes of games under huge pressue and is handling it very well.

• The idea of three starters not scoring is unreal. Watson, Foye and Marvin are way out of synch. Watson insertion into the starting line-up has not worked but that ends with Mo returning on Wednesday (every indication he will). Marvin was much better with Mo and we can only hope he gets going again and Foye is just in a slump. The question is what to do about it. They all have to play (maybe not Watson with Mo back) but how do you use them. If you bench Marvin he is now playing with the younger group where DeMarre has fit so well. If you start Hayward when Jefferson and Mo are back he never sees the ball. There is not a right answer right now. What they are doing right now is not good but if they were coming off the bench it wouldn’t help either.

• In regards to Favors not playing the final 17 minutes Kanter played very well that is the group that brought the game back and Corbin let them run it out. Hard to argue Favors would have been better than Kanter. Kanter was very good. Millsap is gaming it for the team and he made a ton of plays late and gave the coaches an offensive option to go to where otherwise they wouldn’t have had one. The decision was Kanter or Favors and Ty let the guys that were playing well roll. Hard to argue with that. Is Favors pissed? I am sure he is. I would be anyone would be. However, this is not only about keeping Derrick happy. He was great tonight and he deserved to play the final 17 minutes but so did Kanter who was playing well and so did Millsap who has been the warrior all year long. Something had to give and it was Favors minutes. Tough situation. Not sure what the right answer was.

• Lets dig deeper. When do you bring in Favors. Corbin could have pre-decided that he was going to Favors at the 5 or 6 minute mark of the 4th. At that point the Jazz were on a 7-0 run and Kanter had scored 4 of the 7. So Corbin past on that moment and the sub could have de-railed the run . Then the Jazz continued the run and tied the game with 4:40 left on a 14-4 run. Do you make the sub then? This group has been pretty strong. The Jazz continue the run to take a 3 point lead. So are you making the sub there? Then you could have made the change in overtime but the group that was on the floor had just outscored the Bucks 34-24 are you really making a change?

• I get bitching for the sake of bitching after a tough loss but really when you dissect this nothing here that was decided was strange, idiotic or any other of the vulgar words on my twitter timeline.

• Jazz played a really strong game. They energy was good. The ball movement was strong. The defense felt better, not sure the numbers will back that up. They were in it down the wire on the road which has not been the case in some time. They played a good game and the young guys are making huge strides. Despite the loss a lot of good things about being a Jazz fan right now.