• ENES KANTER – 23 points and 22 rebounds. Incredible night for Enes. He was far and away the best player on the floor. He has done this at every level he has ever played and tonight he did it again at an NBA level. Everything about this game is going to fall under the caveat that it was against the Bobcats but 23-22 is 23-22. Awesome performance.

• The Jazz held the Bobcats to a season low 9 points in the 1st quarter a season low 24 points in the first half. So though the Bobcats are terrible on offense, 29th in the NBA, the Jazz made them worse than they had been all season low.

• The Jazz defense was athletic. They moved well, the cut off angles, they got into passing lanes. They covered the middle of the floor. It was a great sight to see. Favors and Kanter have been great defensively together all season, usually against second tier grouping and tonight was no different as to who they were playing but these guys did what they were supposed to do all night on the defensive end and it was re-freshing.

• Alec Burks played very well on Kemba Walker and the help defense was very strong.

• Favors defensive effort was good, he needs to learn how to stay on the floor without getting in foul trouble.

• The Jazz played with strong energy. Enes Kanter plays extremely hard every possession and it seemed to carry over to his teammates.

• The most pleasing part of the night was how well Jeremy Evans played. Again, the Bobcats don’t have anyone who can expose his lack weight but he took jumpers and he made some jumpers. His game still has holes, but it was great to see him take advantage of the opportunity.

• In summation, it was a great night. Kanter was out of this world but on the other end he should be against Biymbo and Mullens and Diop. It takes a tremendous level to put up 23-22 against any NBA talent so for that the praise should flow, but this does not mean he can do this every night or that he is ready against top tier defensive units.

• The question going forward is did Kanter earn the ability to continue his strong stretches of basketball rather than have the automatic substitution.

• My gut is the defense performance of this group is far more replicable than the offensive effort of Kanter.

Regardless of all this it was great to see these guys get extended minutes and show this level of promise. Off to the road we go.