Emptying he Noggin
• Historically bad night by the Utah Jazz. The worst loss in Jazz history is 46 points on three occasions – Feb 4 2002 v. Lakers, Jan 18 1996 v. GSW and March 5 1986 v. Lakers. Tonight Kevin Murphy hit a three with :02 seconds left to put the Jazz within 45 points.

• The worst loss in Jazz history is 56 in 1979 when the franchise was in New Orleans.

• This is the worst home loss in Jazz franchise history New Orleans or Utah. The previous worst home loss was 33 points v. Milwaukee in 1980.

• Prior to tonight the Jazz only had lost by 40 on 8 occasions and had only lost by 30 at home twice.

• The Jazz hit a three to start and then the Rockets went on a 12-3 run and it never stopped.

• The Jazz were awful. They had no energy and as a collective group they were an unmitigated disaster.

• This is not a night where it is worth singling out individual performance. Lots of things happened in this game to create this disaster but to point at some of them would be missing out on others and there is no individual blame that would be fair.

• The Jazz do miss Hayward. The second unit couldn’t execute anything and Hayward is vital to playing Burks at the 1 because it adds a ballhandler otherwise Burks is really the only ball handler. He is not ready to handle that role.

• The Jazz second unit can’t survive as is without Hayward.

• Jazz three point shooting is way off below 30 over the last 50 attempts.

• Only thought that would explain this is the Indiana win was really impressive coming off a back to back in LA and maybe it took everything they had.