STAT CHECK – Jazz post up numbers

At the half way point of the season I looked at Synergy Sports and got the post up numbers for all the Jazz players.

jazz post up number

No surprises Al Jefferson gets most of the post offense. What is interesting is he is not that effective on his post ups, shooting just 41.5%. His lack of turnovers is an enormous benefit.

Millsap’s numbers look better than Jefferson’s but I would question the value of Synergy stats on this. If Millsap works 1 on 1 and can’t get his shot off passes out to the wing then it doesn’t count as a post-up for Millsap. This is where synergy is very questionable in how much you can really decifer from these numbers.

The other two numbers that really jumped out at me are the turnover numbers on Kanter and Favors. Kanter is turning the ball over on over 30% of his post ups.

What these numbers showed me is how far Favors and Kanter are from being able to have the offense run through them in the post as the Jazz currently do with Millsap and Jefferson.