EMPTYING THE NOGGIN — Jazz blow one in Atlanta

• Ouch

• Up by 15 with 3 to play in the 3rd quarter and on the wrong side of a 43-20 run the rest of the way. This is surprising. But if you don’t play good defense then you are vulnerable to these types of runs and the Jazz didn’t take the lead defensively. They were rolling offensively, playing at a quick pace and got good looks but they never turned it up defensively the way they needed to.

• On the other hand, with the game in the balance and 3:00 left in the third the Hawks came out of the time out and forced three straight turnovers which all turned into run outs of some sort and got themselves back in the game.

• The turnover stretch gave the Hawks life and turned it into a game tonight. The Jazz regained the lead with 5:00 left 89-85 and got outscored 17-6 over the final stretch.

• To win on the road you have to have a terrific attention to detail. The Jazz didn’t tonight, one two occasions Paul let a man get by him and uncontested coast to coast layup, at the end of the 1st half they didn’t run the plays that coach Corbin wanted, Tinsley tries a risky alley opp to Foye in the final 4 minutes, etc, etc, etc.

• Tyrone got nothing out of his bench tonight and it meant he had to run the veterans for longer than usual and they may have run out of gas.

• Favors, Kanter and Burks were a combined 0 for 7 with 5 turnovers

• Burks had made huge strides defensively and tonight got beat back door and off the dribble more in 7 minutes than I had seen out of him in the last 10 games combined. Before the game Tyrone Corbin told me they were concerned about playing Burks at the point with the speed of Teague, Harris and Williams both offensively but also largely defensively. That proved to be very true.

• Favors was way out of character tonight. He is playing frustrated and it is not helping his game. Sadly, at home in front of his friends this was probably his worst game of the year. He is making progress but it still is a work in progress on the offensive end. He made some great plays defensively tonight.

• Larry Drew had to get Josh Smith on the floor but Paul Millsap was killing him so he played Ivan Johnson at the 4 who did a great job defending Paul and that moved Josh Smith to the 3 and he was now matched on Gordon Hayward and Gordon played him ok but Smith was able to have 5 pts and 3 ast in the 4th quarter.

• 2nd half of the season Devin Harris showed up for the Hawks and he was very very good. He had 12 4th quarter points hit all 3 of his shots and finished the night with 7 of 8 shooting and 4 of 5 from three.

• Paul Millsap was 0 for 4 in the 4th quarter being guarded by Ivan Johnson. After a 10 point 3rd quarter mostly on Josh Smith.

• Randy Foye was on fire early with 15 1st quarter points and he hit a season high 6 three pointers.

• The lineup of Waston and the kids which was so good for a period has turned the other way – it had a tough night in Charlotte and tonight was -9 in the first half and -3 in the second half while being on the floor very briefly.

• Kanter is still bothered by the ankle injury.

• Will be interesting to see what they do tomorrow