EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz fall in Denver

• A bunch of plays turned this game and it got away from the Jazz. The Jazz miss played the final few plays of the first half, then messed up the opening sequence of the 3rd quarter and then Hayward went to dunk to make the game a six point game with seconds left in the 3rd quarter and they waved it off for basket interference and Denver went and shot a three to make it a 11 point game – ball game.

• Denver is good and really good at home they are even better when the other team is on a back to back and they aren’t and playing at home. They have won 55 of the last 66 of those circumstances.

• This game had some similarities to the first game in Denver. The Nuggets were able to quick Millsap and hold Jefferson to 1 for 9 on that night. Tonight they held down Millsap and Jefferson to 8 of 25 shooting. Kosta Koufas and Kenneth Faried are not what you would think of as big time defensive stoppers but the system of Denver’s defense doubling from the baseline and bringing a third player over caused the Jazz huge problems.

• I am no longer talking ball movement, instead I am talking player movement. Tonight the player movement was not very good. When you watch on TV you see Jefferson in the post and it feels like he is being a black hole make sure you check to see if anyone is moving. I don’t know what angle TV give you so I don’t know if you can see the other 4 guys on the floor but we are not moving well when Jeffferson gets the ball.

• Foye and Marvin are not movers, they are spot up shooters so this makes that opening unit have less movement than some other groups. Foye and Marvin want to play catch and shoot and it causes stagnant movement.

• Would have liked to see more out of Derrick Favors tonight. Without Enes and with Millsap having given a ton last night it seemed like an important night for him to have a big impact. He does have an injured wrist from a fall the other night in Phoenix and that may have limited what he was able to do. He just seemed a little absent from a game where I thought he could have a big impact. The other thing is Javelle McGee is equally if not superior athletic to Favors and that may have caused him some problems. Favors did have the big highlight of the night.

• Hayward has now hit over 45% of his three’s in his last 50 attempts and 12 of his last 21 from three.

• Danilo Gallinari is the key player for the Nuggets. He went nuts in Dallas for 39 and then disappeared for three games and then tonight got it going with 26 points on 7 of 11 shooting tonight. He is the go to guy they need badly and he was terrific this evening. He played the 2, 3 and the 4. He presents match-up issues at all three spots.

• Andre Miller is terrific. I could watch him forever. He never seems to run or press or make any rash judgment. He plays in total control. I really believe he is one of the greatest time and score players I have ever seen. His game has flaws but they are irrelevant in how he uses his skills. He understands who he is as a player and uses everything he brings to the table as a positive.

• Millsap has 12 steals in 3 games.

• Need to win April home game v. nuggets to split the season-series.