EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Jazz get blown out by the Warriors

• Not a lot to talk about tonight. The Warriors blew the Jazz out. This game was not nearly as close as the final score. The Warriors lead by 22 and the Jazz never got inside 10 other than one possession of the second half.

• The Jazz are playing with danger with the slow starts every game. It is hard to play from behind every night. The Jazz have only lead in 4 of the last 21 games when they make their first substitution. Tonight the Jazz starting line-up was -12 at halftime in its two stints and the Jazz were down 12. They finished the night -13

• One of the most concerning things is this is the first game a team had to prepare a scouting report for the Jazz without Mo Williams and they went at Tinsley in the first quarter with Curry who hit 4 of his first 5 for 13 points and then the Warriors went into a zone that killed the Jazz offensive flow in any fashion. The Jazz point guards were 0-5 shooting with 0 points and 7 assists and 7 turnovers. There is a chance Mo Williams could have an extended absence with his thumb injury.

• Mark Jackson did a great job changing the defenses throughout the game. The Warriors move the ball terrifically, they are spaced great and they share the ball. They are the real deal and they are doing everything a good basketball team does. They are great on the defensive glass which is a huge change from where they were a year ago and the last few years. Biedrins had 11 defensive rebounds.

• Jazz didn’t have a bad defensive night- they did a much better job on the defensive glass then they have done in the last few games.

• The Jazz offensive issues are largely due to the point guard situation but they aren’t new, the Jazz entered the game as the 27th ranked team offensively over the last 5 games. Couple that with the #27 defensive rank in the last 15 games.

• Jazz have lost 5 of their last 7

• Jefferson started the night with great aggressiveness going to the basket in the early portion of the game. That didn’t last after the Warriors took Festus Ezeli out of the game.

• Both Coach Lowe and Coach Hornacek mentioned that the bigs must do a better job helping out on the pick and roll defensively.

• One of the opening plays of the game, Curry got out ahead and the Jazz players didn’t get back to try effect the shot at all and instead simply let him lay it up. A player was within striking distance and he did nothing. If that is a veteran leading the team that is hard to handle.

• Bad night all the way around. Not sure what happens next but with two games against the red hot Clippers and then the Wolves, Suns and Nuggets we will know quickly if the Jazz are still battling for the playoffs.